Scotch® Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape

Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape—the ultimate solution for tough tasks. Engineered with 3M™ industrial strength adhesive, it holds up to 30 pounds, defying gravity with ease. Weather-resistant for enduring indoor and outdoor bonds, it simplifies mounting without tools.

  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: Ideal for demanding jobs
  • SUPERIOR BOND: Achieves conformable, strong adhesion on contact
  • HOLDS UP TO 30 LB: Powered by 3M™ adhesive (1 lb: 2", 30 lb: 60")
  • SURFACES: Perfect for Painted Drywall, Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Stone, Concrete
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: Effective from 50°F to 100°F
  • EASY APPLICATION: DIY-friendly design
  • MESS-FREE: No nails or screws needed
  • APPLICATION TIPS: Ensure clean, dry surfaces
  • MADE IN U.S.A.: Crafted with global materials

WIPE Personal Whiteboard by 9FEET Design

Step into the future of note-taking with our reusable portable whiteboard. Jot ideas, snap and store in the cloud for safekeeping. The erasable single-page design ensures a fresh slate for your next thought. The cover multitasks as an eraser, stand, and pocket.

Ingenious Mag Force system acts as a handle and pen holder. Enjoy effortless creativity with any regular whiteboard marker, making note-taking a delightful endeavor. Simplify your workflow and embrace the convenience of our whiteboard notebook—a blend of innovation and practicality that brings fun to every note you take.


Magnetic Clipboard by Hirock Design Office

Experience the art of paper writing anew with our minimalist paper clipboard. Unobtrusive yet ingenious, it liberates your creativity. Strong magnets secure your papers, be it one or a dozen sheets. Its slim, resilient design lets you write standing or prop it for comfortable reading.

Water and scratch-resistant vinyl coating preserves its allure. Embrace the freedom of pen and paper with this elegant clipboard—employing magnets and a lever to clip pages—holding up to 30 A4 sheets. Revel in familiarity with an added touch of innovation, complete with five A4 5mm graph sheets.


Levitating Pen 3.0

Unleash your visionary spirit with the Levitating Pen 3.0—a tool designed to shatter conventions. Resembling a Marvel spacecraft, it defies gravity, poised at 60 degrees. Secured by a charged magnetic field, the minimalistic holder boasts aerospace materials.

The seamless casing encases a precise ballpoint tip. A mesmerizing spin and futuristic form steal the show. This pen fuels wonder, daydreams, and belief in realizing the impossible. With a spinning time of 30 seconds and an elevated pedestal, it epitomizes transformation from concept to creation.


YD Effortless Standing Letter Opener

Experience the ultimate ease in opening letters with our innovative tool! Effortlessly glide an envelope across the sleek metal bar to swiftly reveal its contents. Our ingenious letter cutter makes a precise incision on one side, eliminating paper scraps.

Crafted from anodized aluminum, it adds elegance to your desk and doubles as a paperweight. Anticipate each letter with joy, as this cutter guarantees a stylish and seamless opening every time. Thanks to the replaceable blade, its lifetime is extended, ensuring long-lasting functionality. Redefine your letter-opening ritual with this simple yet sophisticated solution.