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Cross Journal Crimson Small

Introducing our latest addition, a fusion of simplicity and elegance, designed to elevate your everyday writing experience. These new journals provide a tasteful platform to showcase your Cross pen, combining functionality with style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this small-sized journal offers an exquisite crimson leatherette finish that exudes sophistication. An elastic closure and ribbon page marker complete the aesthetic, making it a statement piece for those who appreciate refined craftsmanship.

Within the journal's pages, you'll discover a realm of possibilities. The lightly lined, perforated pages provide the ultimate flexibility for note-taking, journaling, or sketching, adapting effortlessly to your creative endeavors. The ingenious spine features a slot that ingeniously cradles your Cross pen, always within reach for whenever inspiration strikes. Please note, the pen is not included.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every detail of this journal. The Cross brand identity is elegantly debossed on the back cover, while the elastic angled closure ensures the safety of your pages. An attached ribbon marks your place, offering convenience and practicality. The interior storage pocket on the back cover keeps your essentials organized, adding to the journal's functionality.

The sophisticated ivory-colored pages within are both lined and perforated, ready to capture your thoughts and ideas in the utmost elegance. With a paper weight of 100gsm, the pages are substantial and durable, and the acid-free composition guarantees longevity, preserving your words for years to come.

Personalization is an option too. Should you desire, these journals can be debossed, adding a custom touch that makes each journal uniquely yours.


  • Height: 5.5 inches
  • Width: 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 157.4 grams

Pennline Quikrite Leather Journal

Quikrite Leather Journal, wrapped in a genuine leather jacket, which transforms your essential productivity tool into a stylish statement. This elegant model boasts all the beloved features you've come to expect from Quikrite, designed to elevate your writing experience.

Included with this stylish journal are two replaceable Quikfill notebooks—one plain and one ruled—providing you with the versatility to switch between formats based on your needs. The Quikrite Leather Journal has the capacity to accommodate up to three Quikfills, allowing you to customize your journal's content for various tasks.

Enhancing its functionality, this journal features a removable leatherette utility pouch. This pouch is designed to hold your cards and currency notes, adding practicality to your journaling experience. The Quikrite Leather Journal becomes your perfect companion, ready to accompany you wherever your journey takes you.

About the Quikrite System: The Quikrite System is a revolutionary approach to note-taking and journaling. It offers a modular and customizable set of notebooks and journals that empower productivity. Whether you're tracking goals, organizing to-do lists, or preserving cherished memories, Quikrite is your partner in success. It transcends being just a notebook—it's a canvas for your thoughts, a keeper of ideas, and a reflection of you. Quikrite is the true upgrade to traditional notepads, aligning with your individuality and purpose.

Quikrite Leather Highlights: The Quikrite Leather Journal's outer jacket is meticulously crafted from genuine leather, ensuring a premium look and a tactile feel that exudes luxury. Its innovative design allows it to hold up to three Quikfills, giving you the flexibility to curate your journal's content to suit your requirements. Despite its generous capacity, the journal remains compact and easily portable—only slightly larger than a standard smartphone. Constructed from durable materials, the Quikrite Leather Journal is built to withstand the test of time, becoming a reliable companion through every journey. The removable leatherette utility pouch offers convenience, featuring thumb holes for effortless access to your cards, currency notes, and bills. Personalization options are available, allowing you to emboss the journal and make it uniquely your own. Arriving in a sturdy box, the journal's packaging serves as a worthy archive for your completed Quikfills, preserving your memories and accomplishments. This journal includes two replaceable Quikfill notebooks (Refills) with 72 pages (36 sheets) of 80 gsm paper. The perforated tabs, saddle-stitched binding, rounded corners, and numbered pages enhance functionality. The inner lines are color-coordinated with the outer cover, adding a touch of coherence. Unique vertically-printed book details on the inner cover make it a distinctive and complete package. Choose from a variety of paper formats, including Plain, Ruled, Graph, Dot Grid, Unplug, Twin, ToDo, Goal, Scan, Coloured, and Fountain Pen Friendly, ensuring your writing experience suits your preferences.