Pencil Box & Cases

Kutsuwa Relala Wrist Rest Pen Case – Polar Bear: A Fusion of Comfort and Utility

Effortlessly combining functionality and charm, the Kutsuwa Relala serves as both a pen case and a wrist rest, making it the perfect companion for students and office workers on the go. Designed with convenience in mind, it effortlessly folds in half, transforming into a compact accessory that's easy to carry.

Discover its thoughtful design, as each half features a separate zipper pouch, ideal for stashing pens, earbuds, or other essentials. The endearing polar bear face printed on one half and the fuzzy tail zipper pull on the other add a touch of personality to your everyday routine.

Crafted for comfort, the case is well-padded to provide optimal wrist support while typing, ensuring that you can work or study with ease. What's more, magnets cleverly hold the halves together when folded, guaranteeing your belongings stay secure during your journey.

Elevate your daily routine with the Kutsuwa Relala Wrist Rest Pen Case - Polar Bear, where practicality meets delightful design.


Streamline Your Art Supplies with Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Pouch

Efficiently Organize Your Pens with the Perfect Pouch for ZIG Clean Color Real Brush and More!

Say goodbye to the hassle of scattered pens and hello to a tidy solution with our versatile pouch designed to accommodate your artistic essentials. Available in two sizes, you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

[Small] Size: Approximately W190 x H80 x D80 mm [Large] Size: Approximately W190 x H135 x D100 mm (including handle)

Experience the convenience of streamlined storage:


  • ZIG Clean Color Real Brush: Store up to 40 pens
  • ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA: Space for approximately 40 pens
  • ZIG Clean Color Dots: Accommodates around 30 pens


  • ZIG Clean Color Real Brush: Effortlessly fit up to 70 pens
  • ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA: Store up to 70 pens
  • ZIG Clean Color Dots: Perfectly holds about 55 pens

Embrace the creative freedom that comes with an organized workspace. Elevate your artistry with the ultimate pen storage solution from ZIG. Please note that pen quantities may vary.