Letter Opener

YD Effortless Standing Letter Opener

Experience the ultimate ease in opening letters with our innovative tool! Effortlessly glide an envelope across the sleek metal bar to swiftly reveal its contents. Our ingenious letter cutter makes a precise incision on one side, eliminating paper scraps.

Crafted from anodized aluminum, it adds elegance to your desk and doubles as a paperweight. Anticipate each letter with joy, as this cutter guarantees a stylish and seamless opening every time. Thanks to the replaceable blade, its lifetime is extended, ensuring long-lasting functionality. Redefine your letter-opening ritual with this simple yet sophisticated solution.


Efficiency and Ease: Martin Yale 1632 Automatic Letter Opener

Designed to cater to the needs of mid to large-sized businesses, the Martin Yale 1632 Automatic Letter Opener revolutionizes the task of handling envelopes.

Streamline your envelope-opening process with its automatic feeding mechanism that seamlessly handles stacks of envelopes. Operation is hands-free—simply position the envelope and activate the machine.

Capable of accommodating a stack of envelopes up to 1.75" tall, including standard-sized business envelopes, this letter opener performs at an impressive speed of up to 7,000 envelopes per hour. The enclosed blades ensure your safety by preventing accidental finger contact.

With the convenience of non-skid feet, the Martin Yale 1632 maintains stability during operation. Additionally, the catch tray can be folded for compact storage, making it an efficient addition to any workspace. Experience enhanced productivity and efficiency with the Martin Yale 1632 Automatic Letter Opener—a valuable tool for businesses that value streamlined operations.