Midori + Stand Diary B6 – 2024

The Midori +Stand Diary is more than just a stationary companion; it's an organizational masterpiece designed to simplify your life. With the fusion of a planner, journal, and desk calendar, it caters to the needs of students, professionals, and commuters seeking an efficient and portable solution for managing their plans and projects.

Key Features:

  1. MD Paper Excellence: Crafted with MD Paper, this diary offers an exceptional writing experience. Its advanced composition ensures that ink bleeding, feathering, and fountain pen smudging are a thing of the past, allowing your thoughts to flow seamlessly onto the page.
  2. Adaptable Design: The ingenious convertible design of the Midori +Stand Diary provides versatility like never before. It effortlessly transitions between a conventional planner and a stylish desk calendar. To set it up as a desk calendar, simply open the book to your desired page and hook the elastic band around the notches on the front cover. Experience the freedom to choose the best display mode for your convenience.
  3. Comprehensive Calendar and Project Tracking: Encompassing the period from October 2023 to January 2025, this diary empowers you with a monthly calendar and project tracker. When standing, it transforms into a dynamic project planner, making it easy to monitor your daily progress across seven distinct projects. Effortlessly rotate the book on your desk to alternate between calendar and project planner modes.
  4. Efficient Weekly Format: With a Monday-Sunday week format, you'll find navigating your schedule intuitive and efficient. Sundays and Japanese holidays are prominently marked in red, ensuring you never miss an important date.
  5. Future Insights: Prepare for upcoming years with a comprehensive two-page overview of 2024 and 2025. Stay ahead of the game by planning well in advance.
  6. Ample Space for Creativity: The Midori +Stand Diary offers 104 pages of undated graph paper, providing you with the ideal canvas for jotting down notes, sketches, and intricate plans. Additionally, four pages of blank checklists and a dedicated section for personal information enhance its practicality.
  7. Secure Closure: The inclusion of an elastic band closure ensures that your diary remains secure, safeguarding your valuable content.

Elevate your organizational prowess with the Midori +Stand Diary, where convenience meets creativity. With MD Paper's premium quality, innovative design, and thoughtful features, this diary is a testament to the marriage of functionality and style. Whether you're a student navigating your academic journey or a professional conquering daily challenges, the Midori +Stand Diary is your steadfast companion for all seasons.

Experience the fusion of utility and elegance – get your very own Midori +Stand Diary today.