Fountain Pens

Lamy Fountain Pen LX 057 with Ruthenium Metal Clip

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Lamy introduces the Lx fountain pen, pronounced as 'luxe'. This exquisite pen inherits the family charm of the beloved AL-star while boasting a more refined demeanor. Crafted from the same lightweight yet enduring aluminium, the Lx fountain pen is anodized in elegant ruthenium, exuding a sense of sophistication.

Mirroring its AL-star counterpart, the Lx features the same generously proportioned, flexible pocket clip. However, the chrome has been thoughtfully plated to harmonize with the barrel's color, elevating its overall aesthetic. The pen's grip area is crafted from transparent black plastic, providing comfort during prolonged use, and an ink-view window adds practicality to the design.

Distinctively, the nib of the Lx fountain pen deviates slightly from the norm. Adorned with a refined pinstripe accent around the slit, the black PVD-coated nib adds a touch of elegance. The fountain pen is thoughtfully equipped with the Z28 converter, allowing the use of bottled ink. Alternatively, it can be utilized with cartridges for your convenience.

The Lx fountain pen arrives in an exceptionally stylish cylindrical aluminium case, adorned with a rubber cushion and a luxurious ruthenium finish. This case ensures the pen's protection and adds an element of sophistication to your writing experience.

The Lx fountain pen is also available with Broad and Fine nib options, catering to various writing preferences and styles. As part of Lamy's celebratory collection, the Lx fountain pen embodies elegance, craftsmanship, and a touch of luxury for discerning pen enthusiasts.


Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Toyama Teal

Experience the captivating beauty of nature's wonders with the Kaweco Toyama Teal Collection Fountain Pen. This stunning writing instrument pays homage to the mesmerizing bioluminescence phenomenon observed during spring nights in places like Japan.

In the coastal district of Toyama, Japan, the water comes alive with a mysterious blue sheen, thanks to bioluminescent creatures. This fountain pen's high-quality plastic captures the essence of this rare spectacle, mirroring the thousands of points of light dancing on the water's surface. The pearly green pigments within the pen's material sparkle with varying intensities, much like the phenomenon itself. The addition of silver elements completes the design, creating an elegant and unique writing instrument.

The Kaweco Sport fountain pen, with its iconic pocket-sized design, was born in 1911. It measures a mere 10.5 cm when closed, making it a portable companion that can be carried anywhere. With the cap attached, its size extends to a comfortable 13 cm.

Choose from five nib sizes, ranging from extra fine (EF) to extra broad (BB). If you're unsure about the size, the medium (M) nib is recommended. Crafted entirely in Germany, the nibs and fountain pen exhibit exceptional quality. The pen comes with a standard Royal Blue ink cartridge.

Enhance your writing experience further with our range of eleven colorful inks, the Kaweco mini converter, and a selection of clips in gold, silver, bronze, and black. Delve into the world of Kaweco craftsmanship and immerse yourself in the elegance of the Toyama Teal Collection.


Aurora Auroloide Fountain Pen – Optima Orange

The Aurora Optima Orange stands as a testament to luxury and exclusivity, being a limited edition fountain pen crafted from exquisite orange Auroloide. Its solid 14k gold nib, paired with an ebonite feed, embodies precision and elegance. Adorned with gold-plated trim, this pen boasts the traditional piston refill mechanism with a concealed reservoir, ensuring seamless functionality. The transparent ink window adds a touch of practicality to its refined design.

For a century, Aurora has curated a legacy of crafting opulent fountain pens. Marrying heritage with innovative design and technology, the brand delivers creations that are a delight for writing connoisseurs. With an in-house nib manufacturing process, each pen is meticulously hand-turned, polished, assembled, and rigorously tested. This meticulous approach guarantees unparalleled quality; writing with an Aurora fountain pen ensures your notes command attention.

A standout feature of the Aurora Optima Orange is its removable nib section, allowing for easy unscrewing from the grip area. This unique attribute enables thorough cleaning and maintenance of both the nib and barrel, a feature cherished by pen aficionados seeking the utmost care for their writing instruments.


Exquisite Craftsmanship Sailor “Iro-Miyabi” Fountain Pens at the G7 Hiroshima Summit

Dive into the captivating world of traditional craftsmanship with the "Ishime-nuri" lacquering technique. This intricate process breathes life into lacquer, transforming its surface into a textured canvas that evokes the enchanting allure of stones.

Key Features of the "Ishime-nuri" Technique:

  • Mimicking Stones: Immerse yourself in the art of illusion as the lacquer's surface is meticulously roughened to replicate the stunning appearance of natural stones.
  • Time-Tested Patience: Time becomes an ally as the lacquer takes several months to fully dry, a testament to the dedication and meticulousness infused into each piece.
  • Layers of Brilliance: The journey continues with successive coatings of diverse lacquer varieties, layer by layer, bestowing the artwork with depth and complexity.

Embark on an artistic odyssey that culminates in a masterpiece born of devotion and passion, with the "Ishime-nuri" lacquering technique.