Binding and Laminating

Renz LAMIGO Lamination Machine

RENZ LAMIGO Series: Elevate Your Document Protection and Finishing" Experience unparalleled document protection and finishing quality with the revolutionary RENZ LAMIGO series. With its cutting-edge 4RSH-technology (4-Roll-Short-Heat), this series guarantees a remarkably swift 30-second heating-up time and ensures flawless transport using four rolls, ultimately delivering a superior laminating outcome. Whether for your office or home, the RENZ LAMIGO series presents an unbeatable combination of elegance, performance, and affordability.

Key Features:

  • 4 RSH-technology (4-Roll-Short-Heat) for optimized laminating
  • Rapid 30-second heating-up time
  • Automatic switch-off function after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Impressive laminating speed for efficient results
  • Sleek and elegant design that complements any environment
  • Enhanced brilliance of colors and heightened contrast post-lamination
  • Ideal for safeguarding essential documents, certificates, menus, drawings, photos, and more

Choose the RENZ LAMIGO series to effortlessly protect and enhance the quality of your important documents. Whether it's certificates, menus, drawings, photos, or any vital paperwork, this series ensures professional results that reflect the value you place on your work.



RENZ WIRE|GO 3:1: Your Ultimate Manual Wire Comb Binding Solution" Discover the efficiency and simplicity of the RENZ WIRE|GO 3:1, a manual 3:1 pitch wire comb binding machine that brings convenience to your binding needs. This compact entry-level model is tailor-made for quick and hassle-free punching and binding of A4 and A5 documents. Its ergonomic two-lever system and built-in comb holder ensure user-friendliness throughout the process.

Enjoy the freedom of a maximum working width of 300 mm, allowing you to effortlessly punch up to 20 sheets per punching cycle. With its capability to bind up to an impressive 135 sheets, this machine stands as a reliable solution for various document sizes and volumes.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic two-lever system designed for user comfort
  • High-quality, low-force punching for up to 20 sheets per punch
  • Accommodates binding of up to 135 sheets
  • Integrated wire comb holder for effortless loading of punched sheets
  • Quick diameter adjustment facilitated by the slider mechanism
  • Cover features an integrated measurement ruler for wire comb diameter
  • Fixed margin depth ensures consistent results
  • Adjustable paper stop for added precision
  • Equipped with a spacious punching waste tray
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Durable metal construction with a weight of 15 kg for robustness

Experience the convenience and reliability of RENZ WIRE|GO 3:1, an exceptional tool that combines functionality and ease of use to meet your binding requirements with finesse.