Iconic Index Point Sticky Notes from Korea

Iconic Index Point Sticky Notes from Korea

These adorable and vibrant sticky notes are a delightful addition to your organizational toolkit. Designed to add a pop of color and functionality, these sticky notes are perfect for a range of applications such as marking books, annotating notes, highlighting important dates on calendars, and even enhancing maps.

The unique feature of these sticky notes lies in their translucency. This ingenious design allows you to not only apply them over text without obstructing readability but also enables you to layer them for creative combinations of shapes and captivating color effects. The generous adhesive area ensures that these sticky notes adhere smoothly, remaining visible without any fuss.

While their filmy surface might pose a slight challenge to some writing instruments, fear not! You can still jot down your thoughts, reminders, and labels with ease. Opt for ballpoint pens, pencils, or permanent markers for optimal results. It’s worth noting that water-based inks may not perform as effectively on these surfaces.

Every package boasts an impressive collection of 220 sticky notes, thoughtfully crafted in 11 delightful shapes. With 20 sticky notes per shape, you’ll have an abundance of tools at your disposal to infuse creativity into your organizing endeavors. To keep your sticky notes pristine and ready for action, they are neatly housed in a protective clear plastic folder – ensuring they stay clean and well-organized until you’re ready to bring them into play.

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