Unveiling the Enigma: The Intriguing Story Behind Blu Tack®

For more than five decades, the identity of Blu Tack®'s ingenious creator has remained veiled in mystery, despite Bostik's persistent appeals for their revelation. The captivating origin of this versatile adhesive traces back to an accidental by-product of a Bostik worker's attempt to create a new sealant. Although the initial endeavor ended in failure, the serendipitous discovery of the resulting 'goo' sparked a new wave of creativity as colleagues playfully used it to affix messages to desks.

Recognizing the potential of this newfound substance, Bostik embarked on a journey to amplify its impact. Scaling up the manufacturing process, they transformed a chance experiment into a household name. Over the course of more than 50 years, Blu Tack® has established itself as a beloved staple, gracing countless homes in the UK and beyond.

Behind the scenes, Bostik's factory in Leicester remains a hub of innovation and production, churning out tonnes of Blu Tack® each week. This enduring success story is underscored by the well-kept secret recipe that has tantalizingly eluded the public eye for decades.

Embark on a journey through time and invention, and unravel the remarkable tale that culminated in Blu Tack® becoming a cherished, nation-favorite reusable adhesive.


Max Vaimo80 – Effortlessly secure up to 80 sheets with the innovative precision of our unique fine staples.

  • No.11-80 (10mm): Effortlessly secures 2 to 80 sheets (64gsm) or 64 sheets (80gsm)
  • No.11-1M: Efficiently fastens 2 to 40 sheets (64gsm) or 32 sheets (80gsm) Loading Capacity: Accommodates up to 100 staples Dimensions: W63 x D202 x H153(mm) Net Weight: 690g Insertion Depth: Allows for a 30mm insertion depth Carton Quantity: Available in 1 Pcs packaging.

Stabilo Pen 68 MAX

Introducing the Pen 68 MAX, a pinnacle among felt-tip pens, skillfully crafted to effortlessly traverse the realm of thick and thin lines. With precision engineering, it adapts seamlessly to your creative demands, effortlessly transitioning from bold strokes to delicate details. Elevate your artistic journey with the Pen 68 MAX – where every stroke becomes a masterpiece.

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