A Mottled Hard Rubber Mystery

This beautiful and mysterious safety pen was shown to me by Rob Parsons. The tapering shape of the pen suggests that it is a late one. The mottled hard rubber is lovely as it always is. Who made it? It has a superficial resemblance to Waterman pens and it has an 18k Waterman nib. There’s […]

Still Here!

Apologies for my absence. It’s that time of year when other things demand our attention, sowing and planting and getting the garden in good order. I’ve been buying and restoring pens too, though. It’s hard work to get decent pens at a reasonable price these days. I think a large proportion of pens go through […]


I use Tiger A5 notebooks, hard-cover and spiral backed, to draft everything I write. That may seem like double work but it’s worth drafting my articles and correspondence because they improve on the edit – or at least I like to think that they do. These Tiger notebooks may only be available in the UK. […]

Open for Business

The Goodwriters Pens sales site is back open again! The web admin installed ‘Honey Pot’, an add-on that helps to identify false accounts, and further, my brilliant friend Brenda went through the settings to try to identify as many indicators of fake accounts as possible, as well as working some of her other magic so […]

Sales Site Down (Temporarily, I Hope)

This afternoon we took a very nice drive to a very nice place, and when we returned home I noticed about a thousand new customer accounts. Considering most of them had long internet links as ‘names’ – charming ones like ‘Sindi wants to talk sexy to YOU’ and ‘Tiffani replied to your message’ – it […]

An Unusual Jackdaw

Jackdaws are the poor relations of Swans, the school pen of the Mabie Todd range. Both the nibs and the plating are thin. There was a period during the late thirties when they shared the colourful patterns of the Visofil but mostly they were rather plain pens. This Jackdaw is a basic model but has […]

Just a Pen

Whether old or new our pens are precious things. We either buy the best we can or restore to a high standard. Many of us have our collections on show under glass. Even those who buy old pens to write with keep them in good order and take pride in them. It was not always […]

Another Forward Pen

Another Forward, a very uncommon pen. I wrote about one once before and as ever the search box above right will take you there if you wish to see the other one. Spicer Bros. Ltd. are credited with the pen’s manufacture, as with other models and styles. This example differs markedly from the last one […]

Army & Navy Stores, 1907

No shop or store today can equal the stationery stock of the Army & Navy stores in 1907. They had pens, of course, and things like polished brass inkwells in the form of crabs and lobsters that still appear in auctions today. One expects folding writing slopes, but perhaps not in leather rather than in […]

A Telescopic Eyedropper Filler

Mario Kaouklis kindly sent me photos and information of this telescopic eyedropper in black hard rubber with a metal overlay. It was described initially as Mabie Todd, probably because it has a Swan nib but it clearly isn’t. The pen measures 95mm (without ring) closed but extends to a generous 135mm. There’s no indication of […]