The Best Brush Pens for Lettering and Calligraphy

You don’t have to be a serious artist or calligrapher to create beautiful script. With a huge variety of brush pens to choose from on our site, we’ve compiled a guide to help you find the best brush pen for calligraphy. Read on to see our top recommendations for brush pens that suit beginners, dramatic lettering, and Asian calligraphy.

Tortoises So Rare, They Were Thought Extinct: The Great White Whales Of The Souverän M600 Line

The talk of the last few weeks has clearly been focused on the newest tortoise release from Pelikan, the upcoming M605 Tortoiseshell-Black. While this black tortoise is a new species, never before seen, the standard bearer across the lines has always been the brown tortoise. It is somewhat ironic then that the M6xx line has […]

Nine Bespoke Pens Rosetta Model Fruit Slices Custom Fountain Pen

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I use Tiger A5 notebooks, hard-cover and spiral backed, to draft everything I write. That may seem like double work but it’s worth drafting my articles and correspondence because they improve on the edit – or at least I like to think that they do. These Tiger notebooks may only be available in the UK. […]

The Best Teaching Supplies

Teachers invest so much time and energy in and out of the classroom to bring out the best in their students. Whether you’re a teacher at a school or a homeschooler, it’s helpful to have high-quality teaching supplies to help you and your students succeed. Read on to see our must-haves for teachers or watch the video below to see them in action. ...

The Best Markers

The versatile marker isn’t limited to grade school art projects. This affordable pen is used by writers and artists alike. Smooth and offering firm control, the marker is excellent for everything from drawing to hand lettering. Keep reading to learn considerations for picking out a marker and see our favorites for different applications. Table of Contents Marker Considerations Marker Recommendations...

The Best Pens and Inks for Crosswords

Filling in crosswords is an excellent way to test your trivia skills and powers of deduction. While some puzzle fans have moved on to digital formats, many pen and paper enthusiasts continue to complete crosswords or sudokus in a local newspaper or in an omnibus puzzle collection. However, the last thing anyone needs is for a writing instrument to dig a hole in the newsprint or...

Open for Business

The Goodwriters Pens sales site is back open again! The web admin installed ‘Honey Pot’, an add-on that helps to identify false accounts, and further, my brilliant friend Brenda went through the settings to try to identify as many indicators of fake accounts as possible, as well as working some of her other magic so […]

Sales Site Down (Temporarily, I Hope)

This afternoon we took a very nice drive to a very nice place, and when we returned home I noticed about a thousand new customer accounts. Considering most of them had long internet links as ‘names’ – charming ones like ‘Sindi wants to talk sexy to YOU’ and ‘Tiffani replied to your message’ – it […]