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A Mottled Hard Rubber Mystery

This beautiful and mysterious safety pen was shown to me by Rob Parsons. The tapering shape of the pen suggests that it is a late one. The mottled hard rubber is lovely as it always is.

Who made it? It has a superficial resemblance to Waterman pens and it has an 18k Waterman nib. There’s no writing at all on the pen and that excludes Waterman as the manufacturer even though the internal parts are very like those used by Waterman in their safety pens.

I’d be prepared to hazard a guess that the pen is French. Years ago, when I bought more internationally than I do now I bought several French MHR pens that were shameless copies of Waterman products. This may be another. The pens were always of the highest quality and I was never able to find out who made them. Nibs are changed often so they are an unreliable method of determining where a pen was made but I can’t entirely ignore the fact that vintage 18k nibs were usually French.

Thanks to Rob for sight of this unusual pen.

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