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Army & Navy Stores, 1907

No shop or store today can equal the stationery stock of the Army & Navy stores in 1907.

They had pens, of course, and things like polished brass inkwells in the form of crabs and lobsters that still appear in auctions today.

One expects folding writing slopes, but perhaps not in leather rather than in wood; silver card cases and pen wipers are less frequently seen nowadays.

There were splendid desk pens and quite a range of fountain pens. “The Army & Navy CSL Fountain and Stylographic Pens” take pride of place. These were eyedropper fillers with cut-off valves. Though the Onoto had been around for a couple of years by 1907 it was perhaps too new-fangled for the Army & Navy. They did have De La Rue’s Pelican, though, in a variety of finishes.

First, silver cases for fountain pens in delightful engine-turned patterns. These turn up now and then today – but not at fifteen shillings and threepence! Or a silver taper pen holder by Sampson Mordan for four shillings and sixpence. A heart shaped silver bonbonierre for a mere eleven shillings.

And finally (lest you think I’m too greedy) a silver stamp box lined with cedar with three divisions, for thirty shillings.

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