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Link Love: Letter Love

So much wonderful mail!

When I opened my new PO Box, I asked you lovely readers to send me a card or note and you all came through with flying colors! I checked my box to discover it was chock full of delightful cards and notes. I can’t thank you all enough for making my day and filling my mailbox with happy, good mail. Every note that included a return address will receive a reply. For those who didn’t include a return address, allow me to thank you here. If you sent a card and you’d like to receive a reply, use the Ask The Desk link to drop me a message with your address and I’ll try to reply soon.

Link Love this week reminds me that I always define wet and dry inks backwards. I think of wet inks as “watery” and hence more likely to be shaders, etc. MNMLScholar reminds me that wet inks are actually the other inks — and dry inks are the ones that dry faster like shading inks. I don’t know why the terminology always leaves me so befuddled. Let me know if I am still missing the concept.

Love AnaFinally, Dapprman reminds us that not everyone in Russia supports the invasion of Ukraine, including our pen pals, BENU. It reminds me that politicians and governments often do things that we, as citizens, do not agree. However, we are not always in a position to do anything to change their minds that might not also put us at risk. I’m not saying that there are not causes worth fighting for but being imprisoned or killed because one opposes government decisions is not a situation many of us have experienced. Just be cautious in condemning those who have not spoken out against Russia, especially if they have connections to or live in Russia.




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