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Parker Superchrome Ink

Oh hi! It’s me, the delectable Tuppence again. It’s been a very busy day and it’s time for a nap! Deb was writing a letter with her dip pen and those little nibs are ideal for chasing around the floor. There are now several in every corner.

The main reason I took this job of Assistant Pen Restorer is that things are not good at home. You see, before I had the op I had kittens. You’ll meet them all around our street as neighbours adopted them. Unfortunately my owner kept one and it grew to be twice my size and is a BRUTE and a BULLY. Would you believe she lies across the window and won’t let me in! So it’s much nicer here with Deb.

Someone kindly gave Deb a sample of Superchrome ink. This stuff has a bad rep, even worse than Baystate Blue. Deb has filled a very cheap piston filler with it. Seems the main problem is that it destroys celluloid and metal, so we await the demise of the steel nib.

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