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The Queensway Dainty

When my husband was a schoolboy Queensways were the cheapest fountain pens money could buy. There was a reason for that: they were absolute rubbish. Nonetheless they sold in their thousands. Have a look in eBay, and not only in Britain; there are Italian and German sellers offering Queensways for sale.

This Dainty was probably aimed at the Conway Stewart Dinkie market. It measures 9.8cm capped. Perhaps it was left in the sun or maybe it’s just due to shrinkage but it has developed an interesting banana feature. The box is in very good condition but sadly there are no papers and I don’t think that there ever were, which is a pity as they might have cast some light on the mystery of Queensway’s original ownership.

The pen was probably little used. The cap retains its “gold-like” plating, as does the lever. The nib declares itself to be 18k gold plated, and it may well be – but very thinly!

In the unlikely eventuality that I have a quiet day I might service this little pen and see how well it writes. I have to say that despite the bent barrel it looks better than most of its ilk.

Thanks to Paul Leclercq for this interesting pen.

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