Product List

Product Description
Dolphin Abacus 13L
Dolphin Abacus 13L Rainbow
Dolphin Abacus 15L
Dolphin Abacus 17L

Bostik Blu-Tack Re-usable Adhesive 75 Grams
Dolphin Glue Dots 12mm

Dolphin Table Pad “ALSI”
Kebica Table Pad “ALSI”

Dolphin ATM Card Holder – 030
Dolphin ATM Card Holder – 201
Dolphin ATM Card Holder – Slot
Dolphin ATM Card Holder – T302
Dolphin ATM Card Holder Notch – T309

Baile Ball Pen Multi Action 4+1 185
Baoke Desk Ball Pen Vitality TB 780
Baoke Desk Ballpen Smiley TB-897
Bitco Ball Pen – Spiral
Caran D’ Ache Ball Pen 849 Popline
Caran D’ Ache Ball Pen 888 Infinite
Cello Ball Pen Finegrip
Dolphin Ball Pen Gold LP
Dolphin Ball Pen Trident
Jinhao Ball Pen – 598
Milan Capsule Pen
Schneider Ball Pen – Epsilon
Schneider Ball Pen – Haptify
Scrikss Ball Pen Knight Matte Gold Set
Scrikss Multipen Trion
Scrikss 108 Prestige BP+MP Set
Sheaffer Ball Pen – Ferrari VFM
Sheaffer Ball Pen – Ferrari 100
Sheaffer Ball Pen – Intensity White ST
Sheaffer Ball Pen – Prelude White RG
Sheaffer Ball Pen – Sentinel
Sheaffer Ball Pen – Taranis Gunmetal
Staedtler Ball Pen – 423 Stick Set of 8
Staedtler Ball Pen – 4271 Luna Riteclic
Staedtler Ball Pen – 430
Staedtler Ball Pen – 432
Staedtler Ball Pen – 432 Set of 10
Staedtler Ball Pen – 4354 Luna RiteStyle 2000
Worther Ball Pen Shorty
Zebra Ball Pen – nuSpiral
Zebra Ball Pen Clip-On B4A3
Zebra Ball Pen Clip-On B3A3
Zebra Ball Pen Clip-On Slim B3A5
Zebra Ball Pen Sharbo+1

DGG Binder Clips Gold 19mm
DGG Binder Clips Rose Gold 19mm
Dingli Binder Clips 8356 15mm
Dingli Binder Clips 8355 19mm
Dingli Binder Clips 8354 25mm
Dingli Binder Clips 8353 32mm
Dingli Binder Clips 8352 41mm
Dingli Binder Clips 8351 51mm
Dingli Binder Clips Chrome DL3741 19mm (6)
Dingli Binder Clips Color DL6075 19mm
Dingli Binder Clips Color DL6074 25mm
Dingli Binder Clips Color DL6073 32mm
Dolphin Binder Clips Color 19mm (12)

Deli Bookend 9268 6.5″
Dingli Bookend DL2997 7″
Dingli Bookend DL2998 8″
Dingli Bookend DL2999 9″
Dingli Bookend DL9275 8″
M & G Bookend ABS91730 8″
MQ Bookend – Assorted 5000 Series 8″
MQ Bookend 1217 Good Friend 8″
MQ Bookend 1223 Hello Kitty 8″
MQ Bookend 1331 Book 7″
MQ Bookend 1334 Cat
MQ Bookend 1335 Deer 9″
MQ Bookend 1338 London Clock 7″
MQ Bookend 1339 Liberty 6.5″
MQ Bookend 1350 Piano Cat
MQ Bookend 1352 Elephant
MQ Bookend 3038 Simple 8″
MQ Bookend 3224 Aquarium 8″
MQ Bookend 3228 Zootopia 8″
MQ Bookend 6042 Superman 8″
MQ Bookend 6048 Hand in Hand 8″
MQ Bookend 6124 Love You Julius 8″
MQ Bookend 6136 Big Hero 6 8″
MQ Bookend 7001 Leaf
MQ Bookend 7035 Tower 8″
MQ Bookend 8809 Baboo 8.3″
MQ Bookend 9046 Musical
MQ Bookend 9060 Telephone 8″
MQ Bookend Eiffel Tower 9052A 8.5″
Nature Culture Bookend 2111 Umbrella 8″
Nature Culture Bookend SLL-3239 Giraffe 8″
Nature Culture Bookend SLL-3606B Pen Holder 8″

Dolphin Book Ring 25mm -25
Dolphin Book Ring 32mm -25
Dolphin Book Ring 38mm -25
Dolphin Book Ring 50mm -20
Dolphin Book Ring 25mm -100
Dolphin Book Ring 32mm -100
Dolphin Book Ring 38mm – 60
Dolphin Book Ring 50mm – 40
Dolphin Book Ring 60mm – 30
Dolphin Twisted Wire Book Ring 60mm

MQ Expandable Book Shelf SimpleX 6038
MQ Expandable Book Shelf Black Feather 6041
MQ Expandable Book Shelf Woody 6048
Uchio Book Shelf UC-801M

Jielisi Book Stand 755
Liangbao Book Stand 705
MQ Book Stand 1108 Paris
MQ Book Stand BST-08
MQ Book Stand BST-09
MQ Book Stand Chocolate Bear 2002
MQ Book Stand Diplomat 8825
MQ Book Stand Disney 303
MQ Book Stand Elegant 309
MQ Book Stand MQ7010 Gold
MQ Book Stand MQ7011 Black
Nature Culture Book Stand SJ-3325

Dolphin Book Strap – Hook & Loop

Bindermax Brochure Stand 01169 -10
Bindermax Brochure Stand 01169 A4
Dolphin Brochure Stand 3-Tier K7158
Konve Brochure Stand K-150
Konve Brochure Stand K-153
Konve Brochure Stand K-156
Konve Brochure Stand K-180

Sakura Koi Brush Pen Set of 6 XBR-6

Dolphin Cable Tie Rainbow
Dolphin Cable Tie 100mm (1000)
Dolphin Cable Tie 150mm (100)
Dolphin Cable Tie 200mm (100)
Dolphin Twist Tie Black 100m TL-M-100
Keying Twist Tie 30mtrs

Casio Calculator DJ-120D Plus
Casio Calculator MJ-120D Plus-BK
Casio Calculator MJ-12GST

Hero Calligraphy Pen Set 5028
Rotring Art Pen Lettering M 1903642
Rotring Art Pen Sketch EF 1903440
Rotring Art Pen Sketch F 1903641
Rotring Calligraphy Pen 1.1 1903644
Rotring Calligraphy Pen 1.5 1903645
Rotring Calligraphy Pen 1.9 1903647
Rotring Calligraphy Pen 2.3 1903648
Sheaffer Calligraphy Mini Set
Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen – Viewpoint
Zig Calligraphy Pen

Dingli Calling Bell 85200
QJ Calling Bell – Rangeen QJ125
QJ Call Bell – Floral QJ125

Bindermax Card Case CC-105 A4
Bindermax Card Case CC-105-2 A5
Bindermax Hard Card Case CA-203 A3

Dingli Cash Box 9001 (150 x 120 x 80mm)
Dingli Cash Box 9002 (200 x 160x 90mm)
Dingli Cash Box 9003 (250x 200 x 85mm)
Dingli Cash Box 9004 (310 x 240 x 90mm)
Glosen Cashier Box B-298 (273x195x110 mm)
SR Cash Box CB-2006N (165x131x85 mm)
SR Cash Box CB-2008N (197x154x85 mm)
SR Cash Box CB-2010N (230x193x85 mm)
SR Cash Box CB-2012N (300x237x88 mm)
SR Cash Box DCB-58 (315x228x134 mm) – Beige
SR Cash Box SR-18 (200x157x87 mm) – Green

Weixing Magic Clipper Clips 2007-8 50C
Weixing Magic Clip Dispenser 202-8

Ajanta Clip Pad 934 – Transperent
Cyua Clip Pad F8805 A5
Cyua Clip Pad – F8856
Cyua Clip Pad – Metallic – F8856
DGG Clip Pad 865 A5
DGG Clip Pad A4 8362
DGG Clip Pad with Cover A4 Elegance 8360
Dolphin Clip Pad Wooden M1058 A4
Glosen Clip Pad C-1085
Hua Jie Clip Pad A00 PVC A4
Hua Jie Clip Pad A4 1204
Jef Clip Pad A/4 881-C
Kedai Clip Pad KDOS19003 A4
Praise Clip Pad with Storage Case 83002

Staedtler Luna Pencils 137
Staedtler Luna Pencils 12 Color 137 C 12
Staedtler Luna Pencils 24 Color 137 C 24
Staedtler Luna Pencils 36 Color 137 C 36
Staedtler Luna Pencils 48 Color 137 C 48
Staedtler Noris Club Color Pencils 144 NC12
Staedtler Noris Club Color Pencils 144 NC36

Rotring Centro Compass Universal Set S0214390
Rotring Centro Compass Universal Set S0233370
Rotring Centro Compass Universal Set S0233410
Rotring Compact Universal Compass S0676540
Rotring Compass Universal Set 6 Piece S0676560
Rotring Rapid Adjustment Compass S0676580
Staedtler Compass 550 55
Staedtler Compass Set 550 60 S8

Liangbao Copy Holder 616

Jielisi Corner Cutter 7002-R4
Jielisi Corner Cutter 7004-R4
Jielisi Corner Cutter 7010-R10
SDI Corner Cutter 1060S
SDI Corner Cutter 1061L

Faber Castell Correction Pen 7ml
Dominic Correction Tape DP-904
M & G Correction Tape ACT55308
M & G Correction Tape T-118B
M & G Correction Tape T-182

Right Way Hand Tally Counter

Bambalio Currency Counter Machine BEE-3900

Dorco Cutter Blade Big CB-L
Dorco Cutter Blade Small CB-S
Dorco Cutter Blade S401
NT Cutter Blades Big BL 50
Olfa Cutter Blade Small

Dorco Cutter S101
Dorco Cutter S401
Dorco Cutter Z1 DC102
Dorco Cutter Z2 L302
Haixin Cutter HX-16
Jef Circle Cutter HD-01
KW-triO Cutter 3598
M & G Cutter 91490
Milan Cutter – Capsule Ceramic
Morn Sun Art Knife 11722
Morn Sun Art Knife 11902
Morn Sun Circle Cutter # 16101
Morn Sun Circle Cutter # 19200
Morn Sun Rotary Cutter 1+4
NT Cutter A-300GRP
NT Cutter C-1500P
NT Cutter Extension Bar CE-700P
NT Cutter iK-200 RP
NT Cutter L-550
Olfa Cutter RTY-2G
SDI Cutter Big 0425
SDI Pencil Knife
Shif Cutter 8103
Shif Cutter 8118 SK-5
Shif Cutter D-599
TNYX Cutter TZ802
WB Touch Knife Cutter D804
Wood Carving Set of 12

Morn Sun Cutting Mat A2
Morn Sun Cutting Mat A3
Morn Sun Cutting Mat A4
SDI Cutting Mat A2 – 1008

DGG Damper Ball DG8305
Dingli Damper DL528

Dolphin Direction Compass 401
Dolphin Direction Compass 786
Dolphin Direction Compass 999
Dolphin Direction Compass J-50
Mingle Altimeter-Barometer Compass BKT381

3M Attachment Tape 12mm x 4m
3M Attachment Tape 24mm x 4m
Cactus Double Side Tape Square – 10mm x 15mm
Dolphin Double Side Tape 24mm – Green
Dolphin Red Tacky Tape 6mm x 25m
Dolphin Red Tacky Tape 12mm x 25m
Dolphin Red Tacky Tape 18mm x 25m
Dolphin Red Tacky Tape 24mm x 25m
Eree Double Side Foam Tape 18mm
Luke Double Side Tape Round – 17mm
Premier Double Side Foam Tape 18mm x 6Y
Premier Double Side Foam Tape 24mm x 6Y
Wonder Double Side Tape – Tissue

Rotring Drawing Ink 23ml Black
Rotring Drawing Ink 23ml Color

Pilot Drawing Pen SWDR
Rotring Drawing Pen – Isograph
Rotring Fineliner Pen Tikky Set Of 3
Staedtler Pigment Liner 308

Sakura Pigma Micron Set of 6

Kejea Name Card Box K-508
Kejea Name Card Box K-509

Boho Duster – T29
Dingli Duster – DL282
Dingli Duster – Pink & Blue 166
Grip Duster

Dolphin Dust Bin Mesh 5003

Motex Embossing Machine E-202
Motex Embossing Machine E-5500

Motex Embossing Tapes 3M

Apsara Eraser – Non Dust
Pentel Clic Eraser ZE-21
Staedtler Eraser 525 PS1 S – Sliding
Staedtler Eraser 526 508
Staedtler Eraser 526 B40
Staedtler Eraser 526 E40
Staedtler Eraser Jumbo 526 003/P4 S
Staedtler Eraser rasor 526 61
Staedtler Karat Eraser 542 7

Deli File Cabinet 9702
Deli File Cabinet 9762
Deli File Cabinet 8833
Deli File Cabinet 9794
Deli File Cabinet 9795
Glosen File Cabinet C-6638
Glosen File Cabinet C-8858
Glosen File Cabinet C-9931
Praise File Cabinet 1118
Zhaosheng File Cabinet 2603
Zhaosheng File Cabinet 2605
Zhaosheng File Cabinet 2631

Gisin First Aid Box 2534
Glosen First Aid Box B010 (300x110x260 mm)
Glosen First Aid Box B011 (300x140x350 mm)
Glosen First Aid Box B8027
Hvilog First Aid Box H-118
Shunmei First Aid Box SM-2996

Morn Sun Flexible Curve 30 cm
Morn Sun Flexible Curve 60 cm

Cross Fountain Pen Bailey Light
Jinhao Fountain Pen 599T
Pelikan Fountain Pen – Twist
Pilot Fountain Pen GC
Platinum Fountain Pen – Preppy

Bell Gem Clip 26mm
Dingli Gem Clip Copper DL3719
Dingli Gem Clip DL1028 28mm (70)
Dingli Gem Clip DL1033 33mm (70)
Dingli Gem Clip DL260 50mm
DY Gem Clip Metallic J28

Faber Castell Glue Stick 9g
Faber Castell Glue Stick 15g

Kangaro Gun Tacker TP-10
Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-13H
Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-2313A/Z
Max Gun Tacker TG-D
Max Gun Tacker TG-A

Shunmei Hook 1856
Shunmei Hook 7715
Shunmei Hook 7779

Cox Glue Gun G-250
Cox Hot Melt Glue Stick
Cox Glue Gun G-100

Jufa ID Card Holder Brown
Haoxiang ID Card Holder A001-H
Haoxiang ID Card Holder A002-H
Haoxiang ID Card Holder B001-V
Haoxiang ID Card Holder B002-V
Jing Tai ID Card Holder JT-114
Jing Tai ID Card Holder – T017V
KCJ ID Card Holder H-6614
Kejea ID Card Holder T-014H
Kejea ID Card Holder T-014V
Kejea ID Card Holder T-017H
Kejea ID Card Holder T-017V
Kejea ID Card Holder T-994H
Kejea ID Card Holder T-994V
Reap Magnetic Badge Lucite 7020
Xinding ID Card Holder DX-614-V
XSJ ID Card Holder 8625

Dolphin YoYo ID Card Holder “Wiro” BIG
Dolphin YoYo ID Card Holder “Xiro”
Dolphin YoYo ID Card String Holder “eVu”
Dolphin YoYo ID Card String Holder “eVu-Trans”
Dolphin YoYo ID Card Holder “Oval”
Dolphin YoYo ID Card Holder “Oval-Trans”
Dolphin Lanyard – Brown 109
Dolphin Lanyard Silky 909-9mm
Dolphin Lanyard – Smart 110
Dolphin Lanyard – Yoyo 108

Parker Ink Converter

Faber Castell Stamp Pad Ink 30ml
Numex Fast Drying Ink Black 100 ml
Numex Softener (Retarder) 100 ML
Numex Numbering Ink Black 30 ml

Dolphin Key Cabinet 10576 Denmark
Glosen Key Box B1024
Glosen Key Box B1032
Glosen Key Box B1048
Jielisi Key Box 24 8701
Jielisi Key Box 32 8702
SR Key Box – DKB-36
SR Key Box – KB-20
SR Key Box – KB-50
SR Key Box – KB-105
SR Key Box – KBS-30
SR Key Box – KBS-40
SR Key Box – KBS-60
SR Key Box – KBS-70

Omuda Key Holder 3677
Omuda Key Holder 3712
Omuda Key Holder 3741
Omuda Key Holder 3742
Omuda Key Holder 3743
Omuda Key Holder 3745
Omuda Key Holder 3771
Omuda Key Holder 3786
Omuda Key Holder 3793
Omuda Key Holder 3794
Omuda Key Holder 3798

Dayue Key Tag B1001 (36)
Dayue Key Tag B1015-1C Pastel
Dingli Key Tag B1001 (50)
DGG Key Tag KA-1095
Dingli Key Tag 058 Oval (30)
Dingli Key Tag 064 (48)
Dingli Key Tag 068 (36)
Dingli Key Tag 078 (20)
Dingli Key Tag Y109 (50)

Motex Labels 5500 W
Motex Labels 5500 Y
Motex Labels 5500 YMRP
Motex Labels 2612 YMRP
Motex Labels 2316 YMRP
Motex Labels 6600 W
Motex Labels 6600 Y
Motex Labels 6600 YMRP
Motex Labels 2628

Hongsheng Labelling Machine MX5500
Motex Labeling Machine 5500
Motex Labeling Machine 2612
Motex Labeling Machine 2316
Motex Labeling Machine 6600
Motex Labeling Machine 808 SEQ
Motex Labeling Machine 2628

Motex Ink Roll 5500 – 20mm
Motex Ink Roll 6600 – 18mm
Motex Ink Roll 2316 – 25mm
Motex Ink Roll Holder for 5500
Motex Ink Roll Holder for 6600

Dolphin Executive Red Laser Pointer CS-03-3
Dolphin Executive Green Laser Pointer 03-3
Dolphin Executive Blue Laser Pointer XG-03-3

Dolphin Luggage Rope Rainbow (100)
Dolphin Luggage Tag Take-Off
Dolphin Luggage Tag iScan 002 – Toonz
Dolphin Luggage Tag – Single H-210
Yuge Luggage Tag Set Of 2 H-214

Chanyi File Rack CY6492
Dingli Magazine Rack DL2622
Dolphin Magazine Rack Mesh 307A
Dolphin Magazine Rack Mesh 3 Division 3003
Fuqiang Magazine Rack FQ583
Fuqiang Magazine Rack FQ6918
Jielisi Document Shelf 801
Kedai Magazine Rack KDOS-18001

Amjiya Magnet 20mm T2010
DGG Magnet 16mm KA-1216
DGG Magnet 20mm KA-1218
Dolphin Magnet Set 9600 of 12 – ZR0001 -009
Dolphin Magnet Set of 9 9601 – ZR000 – 001
Dolphin Magnet – XD61-BAR
Dolphin Magnet – XD61-U-HS
Dolphin Magnet 20mm (50) RBGY
Dolphin Magnet 30mm 3012
Dolphin Magnet 30mm – Smiley
Dolphin Magnet 30mm (50) RBGY
Dolphin Magnet SS Mini 7mm x 2.8mm
Dolphin Magnet SS Mini 8mm x 1.5mm
Dolphin Magnetic Pattern Blocks HN6004
Dolphin Magnetic Pattern Blocks HN6604
Dolphin Magnet Ring 6288
Dolphin Magnetic Roll 0.6 – 3mtr x 600mm
Dolphin Magnetic Strip No.215
Dolphin Magnetic WriteWipe Pad A4 MG-8697
DY Power Magnet
Shif Magnet Smiley 5005
Shif Magnet Butterfly 5006
Shuter Magnet 30mm
Xiandai Magnet Set TM200 – 002
ZRH Magnet – Round Big 23mm 2703
ZRH Magnet – Round Small 17mm 2702
ZRH Magnet 20mm 2010T
ZRH Magnet 30mm 3010T
ZRH Magnet 40mm 4005T
ZRH Magnet 30mm – Rainbow Smiley 30-8
ZRH Magnet Set of 8 – 003

A1 Counting Glass Super Nickle Combined
aiMedia Hand Free Magnifier 693 – 60703
Dolphin 12 LED Aluminium Magnifier YT80407-90
Dolphin Hand Free Magnifier LED YT81602
Dolphin Magnifier 40mm
Dolphin Magnifier TH-9005A LED
Dolphin Magnifier TH-9005D 10x
Dolphin Magnifier Alumiunium – 20X YT80407-35D
Dolphin Magnifier Clock Repair 9892G-3A
Dolphin Magnifier Jewellery – 30X TH-600553
Dolphin Magnifier LED Folding Rectangle 10863
Dolphin Magnifier LED 6902AB
Dolphin Magnifier LED TH-605
Dolphin Magnifier LED TH-606
Dolphin Magnifier 75mm YT88006
Dolphin Magnifier 90mm YT88007
Dolphin MagSheet A4 816
Dolphin MagSheet Big Black Frame AM-809
Dolphin Magsheet Bookmark
Dolphin MagSheet Post Card AM815
Dolphin MagSheet VC 808
Dolphin Paper Weight Magnifier 10x LED PW6010C
Guanyida Magnifier G-288-90
Lumagny Illuminated Magnifier 7583W
MET Magnifying Glass 70mm
MG Illuminated Scale Magnifier MG-13100
MG Light Head Magnifying Glass MG81001-1
MG Magnifier 2 Led UV MG6H-5
MG Magnifying Glass MG3B-1C
MG Magnifying Glass MG6B-1B 40X
MG Microscope 100x LED MG10081-2G
Straight Shank Magnifier 75 mm
Straight Shank Magnifier 90 mm
Tejco Magnifier 101A 40 mm
Tejco Magnifier 102B 50 mm
Tejco Magnifier 103C 63 mm
Tejco Magnifier 104D 75 mm
Tejco Magnifier 105E 90 mm
Tejco Magnifier 106F 100 mm
USB Digital Microscope
Waltex Magnifier 5x 7549
Waltex Magnifier 8x 7550

Artline Marker Pen 107 Ri – Permanent
Artline CD-R/DVD Marker Pen
Artline White Board Marker 157
BIC Highlighter XL
Chaco Pen – Water Erasable
Faber-Castell OHP Multi Marker Pen
Marvy Transfer Pen
Schneider Highlighter Job
Sharpie Neon Marker – Set Of 5
Sharpie Permanent Marker – Fine
Sharpie Permanent Marker – Fine NEW
Sharpie Permanent Marker – Set Of 12
Sharpie Permanent Marker – Ultra Fine
Staedtler Lumocolor 318 WP8
Staedtler Lumocolor Duo 348
Staedtler Lumocolor Marker 352
Staedtler Textsurfer Dry 128 64
Staedtler Textsurfer HL Pen 364 P WP4
Staedtler Textsurfer HL Pen 364 P WP8
Staedtler Textsurfer HL Pen 364 WP4
Staedtler Textsurfer HL Pen 364 WP8
Staedtler Textsurfer Pen 364
Staedtler Whiteboard Marker 351
Staedtler Whiteboard Marker 351 WP4
Uni Paint Marker PX-21

Abro Masking Tapes 20m

Dolphin Mobile Phone Stent HT-862
Chaoyue Mobile Stand QC-5000
Chaoyue Mobile Stand QC-7000
Dolphin Wireless Charging Mobile Stand M8
JXCH Car Mobile Phone Holder 7808

KW-triO Name Card Case 4401
KW-triO Name Card Case 4601
KW-triO Name Card Case 4801

Caisow Card Holder – 7135
Dolphin Name Card Holder – SW
Dolphin Name Card Holder 1101
Dolphin Name Card Holder 2101
Dolphin Name Card Holder 2102
Dolphin Name Card Holder 2103
Dolphin Name Card Holder 2104
Dolphin Name Card Holder ALUM 904
Dolphin Name Card Holder Q1-905

Kejea Name Card Holder K-039
Kejea Name Card Holder K-057

Dolphin Name Plate 6″
Dolphin Name Plate 8″
Dolphin Name Plate 10″
Dolphin Name Plate 12″
Kejea Name Plate K-380

William-Mitchell Script Nib

Dolphin Notebook BZ25-710

Bambalio Numbering Machine BAM-45-6
Bambalio Numbering Machine BAM-607
Deli Numbering Machine 7506
Great Hanzas Numbering Block 7D
Max Numbering Machine N-607
Max Numbering Machine N-807
Max Numbering Machine N-1007
Numex Micro Mini Printer M-555

Dolphin Numbering Machine Ink Pad
Greatwall Numbering Machine Clip 10D
Greatwall Numbering Machine Clip 6D
Numex MMP Ink Pad

Deli Stationery Kit Rose Gold 78553
DGG Office Set of 6 Mesh – DG-63580
Dolphin Office Set Marble 800
Dolphin Office Set Rose Gold 700
Kangaro Gift Set SS-T10 M/5
MQ STY Tray 7041- Rose Gold

Yongi Memo Clip – Magnetic 6027

Dingli Clip DL-0013 50mm
Dingli Clip DL-0021 145mm
Dingli Clip DL6132 125mm
Dingli Clip DL-0023 100mm
Dingli Clip DL-0024 75mm
Dingli Paper Fastener DL3789
Premier Clip No.2
Premier Clip No.3
Premier Clip No.4
Xin Wei Paper Clips DL3705

Bambalio Paper Shredder BCC – 2200

Dingli Mesh Tray 2 Tiers DL62002
Dingli Mesh Tray 3 Tiers DL62001
Dingli Mesh Tray 4 Tiers DL62004
Kedai File Tray 2 Tiers KDOS-20012
MQ Paper Tray 7040 – Rose Gold
Zhaosheng Paper Tray 3 Tier 2438

Cyua Trimmer 829 A4
Cyua Trimmer 829-2 A3
Deli Paper Trimmer 8013 A3
Deli Paper Trimmer 8014 A4
Harison Paper Trimmer 12″
Harison Paper Trimmer 16″
Jef Paper Trimmer 601S
Jef Paper Trimmer 601M
Jef Paper Trimmer – A500M
Jef Paper Trimmer – A500MB
Jef Paper Trimmer – A500S
Jef Paper Trimmer – A600M
Jef Paper Trimmer – A600S
Jef Paper Trimmer – A900
Jef Paper Trimmer HD12
Jielisi Paper Trimmer 909-4
Jielisi Paper Trimmer 909-6
Jielisi Rotary Trimmer 3-In-1 959-3
Jielisi Rotary Trimmer A3 939-1
Jielisi Rotary Trimmer A4 939-2
Jielisi Rotary Trimmer Blade for 939
Morn Sun Paper Trimmer # 19164
Morn Sun Trimmer A2 # 19132

Dolphin Paper Weight 111 Super Hero
Dolphin Paper Weight 222 Purple Bear
Dolphin Paper Weight 333 Hello Kitty
Dolphin Paper Weight 44 Timer
Dolphin Paper Weight 444 Dear Friend
Dolphin Paper Weight 66 Dice
Dolphin Paper Weight 666 Best Friend
Dolphin Paper Weight 77 Antique Globe
Dolphin Paper Weight 777 Best Wishes
Dolphin Paper Weight 88 Globe
Dolphin Paper Weight 888 Doraemon
Dolphin Paper Weight 99 Flower
Dolphin Paper Weight 999 Rainbow Pyramid
Dolphin Paper Weight KG-41 – Strip
Dolphin Paper Weight P35 / HEX
Dolphin Paper Weight Size:10 Flora Big
Dolphin Paper Weight Size:6 Flora Small

Deli Desk Organizer Z002-20
DGG Pen Stand 622
DGG Pen Stand 6912
DGG Pen Stand 6916
DGG Pen Stand 858
DGG Pen Stand Mesh Square DG-804
DGG Pen Stand 8060
DGG Pen Stand 9125
DGG Pen Stand 9145
Dolphin Pen Stand – Mesh 9128A
Dolphin Pen Stand – Mesh CEO 9128F
DGG Pen Stand Chairman 808
DGG Pen Stand Mesh Round DG-802
Dolphin Pen Stand – Mesh Round
Dolphin Pen Stand – Mesh Square
Dolphin Pen Stand No.3 Organize
Dolphin Pen Stand – Y1021
Dolphin Pen Stand 1502 Italy
Dolphin Pen Stand with LCD Clock SW-33
Dolphin Pen Stand with LCD Clock SW-33WW
Feisheng Pen Stand Dice 302
Feisheng Pen Stand FS2001
Feisheng Pen Stand FS6010
Feisheng Pen Stand FS9006
Glosen Pen Stand C-2021
Glosen Pen Stand C-2029
Glosen Pen Stand C-2031
Glosen Pen Stand C-2037
Kejea Pen Holder K-080
Kejea Pen Holder K-085
Kejea Pen Stand K-097
Kejea Pen Stand K-098
Kejea Pen Stand K-099
Kejea Pen Stand K-946
Kejea Pen Stand K-953
Kejea Pen Stand K-960
MQ Pen Holder Elegant 7029
MQ Pen Holder Grace 7030
MQ Pen Stand 8815A
Pinjia Pen Stand BS-622
Praise Table Organiser ZY1062
Xingli Pen Stand 1001
Xingli Pen Stand 1002
Xingli Pen Stand 5004
Xingli Pen Stand 5005-2
Xingli Pen Stand 5009
Xingli Pen Stand 5016-2
Xingli Pen Stand 5018
Xingli Pen Stand 5025
Xingli Pen Stand 5026
Xingli Pen Stand 5027
Xingli Pen Stand 5029
Xingli Pen Stand 5051
Xingli Pen Stand 5055
Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-315

Staedtler Pencil Leads 200 2mm
Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Leads 250 03
Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Leads 250 05
Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Leads 250 07
Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Leads 250 09
Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Leads 255 05
Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Leads 255 07

Apsara Platinum Pencil
BIC Pencil Evolution HB
Rotring Pencil 300 0.5
Rotring Pencil 300 0.7
Rotring Pencil 300 Black 2.0 mm
Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.5
Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.7
Rotring Pencil Tikky 1.0
Rotring Tikky Combo Pencil Set 2025547 0.5 T.Blue
Rotring Tikky Combo Pencil Set 2025555 0.7 Violet
Scrikss Mechanical Pencil Graph-x 0.5
Scrikss Mechanical Pencil Graph-x 0.7
Staedtler Graphite Pencil 777 05
Staedtler Graphite Pencil 777 07
Staedtler Lead Holder 780
Staedtler Lead Holder 788
Staedtler Mars Micro Pencil 775 05 ABK25D
Staedtler Mars Micro Pencil 775 07 ABK25D
Staedtler Mars Micro Pencil 775 09
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 100G12
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 100G20
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 100G6
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 2B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 3B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 4B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 5B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 6B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 7B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 8B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 9B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 10B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – B 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – H 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – 2H 100
Staedtler Pencil Lumograph – HB 100
Staedtler Pencil Luna HB
Staedtler Pencil Norica 132 46 HB
Staedtler Pencil Noris 122 HB
Staedtler Pencil Wopex 180
Staedtler Pencil Yellow 134
Staedtler Triplus Pencil 776 05

Apsara Sharpener – Long Point
Deli Sharpener 0616
Deli Sharpener 0635
KW-triO Sharpener DX-03
KW-triO Sharpener KW316A
M & G Sharpener APS95602
M & G Sharpener FPS90609
Staedtler Sharpener 501 20 3
Staedtler Sharpener 502
Staedtler Sharpener 510 10 Metal
Staedtler Sharpener 511 001
Staedtler Sharpener 511 004
Staedtler Sharpener 511 006
Staedtler Sharpener 512 002
Staedtler Sharpener 512 006

DY Magnetic Pin & Clip Box
Liangbao Pin-Clip Dispenser 811
Premier Pin N Clip 823

Bell Paper Pins 26mm – 70 Grams
Cox Pearl Head Pin 38mm
Crown Fox Pearl Head Pin 1.5″
Dolphin Pin “Pearl Chakri”
Gem Pins “T”

Dolphin Poster Holder Snap Frame JH A4AL
Dolphin Poster Holder Snap Frame JH A3AL

Shiny Printing Kit S-600
Shiny Textile Labeling Kit TL-882

Bindermax Program Stand CC-104 A4
Bindermax Program Stand CC-004 A4
Dolphin Program Stand A4 Z-236
Kejea Card Stand K-160 – 54mm x 85mm
Kejea Card Stand K-161 – 85mm x 54mm
Kejea Card Stand K-162 – 89mm x 127mm 3R
Kejea Card Stand K-163 – 127mm x 89mm 3R
Kejea Card Stand K-164 – 102mm x 152mm 4R
Kejea Card Stand K-166 – 127mm x 178mm 5R
Kejea Card Stand K-168 – 152mm x 203mm 6R
Kejea Card Stand K-171 297mm x 210mm
Kejea Card Stand K-1129
Kejea Card Stand K-471 210mm x 297mm
Kejea Deluxe Card Stand K-046 120mm x 180mm
Kejea Deluxe Card Stand K-048 180mm x 250mm
Kejea Deluxe Card Stand K-050 210mm x 297mm
Peiyou Program Stand PY-234 A5
Uhoo Card Stand 6250 A4
Uhoo Card Stand 6251 A5
Uhoo Card Stand 6252 A6
Uhoo Card Stand 6260 A4
Uhoo Card Stand 6261 A5
Uhoo Card Stand 6262 A6
Uhoo Card Stand 6263

Mark Punch Guard Stickers

Dingli One Hole Punch DL2618
Dingli ID Card Punch DL101
Kangaro One Hole Punch
Kangaro Punch 1320
Kangaro Punch 2030
Kangaro Punch 2040
Kangaro Punch 2160
Kangaro Punch 2320
Kangaro Punch 4160
Kangaro Punch 480
Kangaro Punch 700
Kangaro Punch 800
Kangaro Punch for Eyelet EP-20
Kangaro Punch FP-20
Kangaro Punch Perfo 10
Kangaro Punch Perfo 20
Kangaro Punch Perfo 30

DGG Push Pin Button KA-1006
DGG Push Pin KA-1010
DGG Push Pin Jumbo KA-1012
Dingli Push Pin DL047
Dingli Push Pin DL047-2 T
Dingli Push Pin DL3675 Trinity

Parker Roller Ball Refill
Zebra Mini Refill 4C

Baoke Signature Gel Pen BK108
Cross Gel Pen – Click
Cross Roller Pen – Edge
Dolphin Roller Pen Chic MB
Dolphin Roller Pen Design’r
Jinhao Roller Pen 599 Transparent
Luoshi Roller Pen 3098 Cement
Schneider Roller Pen – Breeze
Scrikss Roller Pen Honour Matte Black
Sheaffer Roller Pen – VFM Black
Stabilo Roller Ball Black+ Fine
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 334 SB10
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 334 SB20
Staedtler Triplus Roller 403 SB10
Uni Roller Pen Air – UBA-188
Uni Roller Pen Jetstream 101
Uni Roller Pen UB-150
Uni Roller Pen UB-157

Dolphin Rubber Band 25 Grams
Dolphin Rubber Band 5025
Dolphin Rubber Band 7550
Dolphin Rubber Band 100 Grams
Dolphin Rubber Band 500 Grams

MQ Scale with Bookmark 1831
Prima Gold Scale 12″
Prima Gold Scale 6″
Rotring Triangular Scale
Sharp Scale 18″
Sharp Scale 24″
Sharp Scale 6″ with Clip – Thin
Sumo Scale 12″- S552
Sumo Scale 6″- S551

Bambalio Scissiors BA070
Deli Scissors 6014
Shif Scissors 1000
Shif Scissors 1026 S
Shif Scissors 1027 M
Shif Scissors 1028 L
Shif Scissors 1621
Shif Scissors 1633 SS
White Swan Scissors
Kingsun Scissors K37 9″

Faber Castell Stamp Pad

Genmes Stamp 12001
Parnami Rubber Stamps – Dater
Parnami Rubber Stamps – Number
Parnami Rubber Stamps – Office
Shiny Mini Dater S-300
Shiny Mini Number Stamp S-309
Trodat Stamp Dater # 4810
Trodat Stamp # 4911
Trodat Stamp # 4912
Trodat Stamp # 4913
Trodat Stamp 4911 with Matter

Kangaro Staple Remover SR-500

Dingli Stapler DL230
Kangaro Stapler 10
Kangaro Stapler 10D
Kangaro Stapler 23L/17
Kangaro Stapler 23S/24
Kangaro Stapler 23S/24 FL
Kangaro Stapler DS45L
Kangaro Stapler HP10
Kangaro Stapler HP45
Kangaro Stapler M-10
Kangaro Stapler MINI 10
KW-triO Stapler 50LA
KW-triO Stapler 50SA
Max Stapler HD-10
Max Stapler HD-12L/17
Max Stapler HD-12N/17
Max Stapler HD-50
Max Stapler HD-50C

Kangaro Staples No:10
Kangaro Staples 23/6
Kangaro Staples 23/8
Kangaro Staples 23/10
Kangaro Staples 23/13
Kangaro Staples 23/15
Kangaro Staples 23/17
Kangaro Staples 23/20
Kangaro Staples 23/24
Kangaro Staples 24/6
Max Staples No:10 Malaysia
Max Staples No:10 Japan

Dingli Practical Notes Arrow DL.A02
StickN Film Index 21050
StickN Film Index 21143 Arrow
StickN Neon Magic Notes 3×3 21571
StickN Neon Notes 3×3 21332
StickN Neon Notes 4×3 21333
StickN Neon Notes 5×3 21334
StickN Neon Prompts 21129 3 Strip
StickN Neon Prompts 21130 4 Strip
StickN Pastel Notes 3×3 21328
StickN Notes 2×3 21006
StickN Notes 3×3 21007
StickN Notes 4×3 21008
StickN Notes 5×3 21009

Defelom Suggestion Box H-268T
Glosen Suggestion Box F01
Glosen Suggestion Box F036
Kejea Suggestion Box K-140
Kejea Multi-Function Box K-237
Kejea Multi-Function Box K-238
Kejea Multi-Function Box K-239

Arrow Tag Gun 9S
Arrow Tag Gun 9SB

Arrow Tag Gun Needle P121

Cox Loop Tags 3″
Cox Loop Tags 5″
Cox Loop Tags 7″
Wonder Tag Pins 35mm
Wonder Tag Pins 65mm

Dolphin Green File Tag 24″ Thick
Dolphin Salem Paper Tag 8″

Dolphin Euro Hook Tag
Dolphin Plastic Tags & Loop Pin (1000)
Dolphin PP Tags 52×33 (100)
Dolphin PP Tags 65×40 (100)

Deli Tape Dispenser 815A
Dingli Tape Dispenser 48mm DL1848
Dolphin Tape Dispenser A1-11
Dolphin Tape Dispenser A1-35
Dolphin Tape Dispenser M3
Dolphin Tape Dispenser M3 with Tape
Duro Metal Tape Dispenser 2″
Eagle Tape Dispenser T5165AB Cut & Go
Guangsheng Tape Dispenser 3185
KEYiDE Auto Tape Dispenser 88013
KW-triO Tape Dispenser 3300
KW-triO Tape Dispenser 3310
Lucky Numen Tape Dispenser 48mm
Motex Tape Dispenser MTX-03
Motex Tape Dispenser V1
Praise Tape Dispenser ZY1006

Dolphin Tape Dispenser Blade
Dolphin Tape Dispenser Wheel With Blade

Dolphin Crystal Clear Tape 18mm x 25mtrs
Dolphin Tape Invisible 18mm ¾”
Dolphin Tape Invisible 18mm ¾” unPacked
Hongsheng Crystal Clear Tape 18mm x 25m
Hongsheng Crystal Clear Tape 18mm x 55m
Hongsheng Crystal Clear Tape 24mm x 55m
Panfix Tape 72 Yards 12mm
Panfix Tape 72 Yards 18mm
Panfix Tape 72 Yards 24mm
Wonder Tape 48mm – Brown
Wonder Tape 72mm – Brown
Wonder Tape 12mm – Clear
Wonder Tape 18mm – Clear
Wonder Tape 24mm – Clear
Wonder Tape 48mm – Clear

Dolphin Tissue Paper Holder 603
Dolphin Tissue Paper Holder 802