Product Description


Dolphin Abacus 13L


Dolphin Abacus 13L "Guru"


Dolphin Abacus 15L


Dolphin Abacus 17L




Amos Glue Tape 8.4mm x 10m


Bostic Blu-Tack Re-usable Adhesive 75 Grams


Scotch Gluestick 15g


Scotch Gluestick 8g



Alsi Pad

Dolphin Table Pad "ALSI"



ATM Card Holder

Dolphin ATM Card Holder - CBE


Dolphin ATM Card Holder - Slot


Dolphin ATM Card Holder


Filemax ATM Card Holder FM06




Cello Ballpen Finegrip


Cross Ballpen - Calais ChromeBlack


Dolphin Desk Ballpen BTC-396 A


Keen Desk Ballpen Clip 2088


Keen Desk Ballpen Spring 1188


Linc Ballpen - Starlet


Reynolds Ballpen 045


Schneider Ball Pen - Tops 505


Schneider Ball Pen - Sunlite 936601/936603


Schneider Ball Pen - Haptify


Sheaffer Ball Pen - 9334


Sheaffer Ball Pen - 9308


Staedtler Ballpen Stick Set of 10




Dolphin Waste Paper Bin - Mesh



Binder Clips

Dingli Binder Clips 51mm


SDI Binder Clips 25mm


Tianhong Binder Clips Gold 1940


Tianhong Binder Clips Color 1940


Tianhong Binder Clips Color 2548


Tianhong Binder Clips Color 3224


Yihai Binder Clips 15mm


Yihai Binder Clips 19mm


Yihai Binder Clips 25mm


Yihai Binder Clips 32mm


Yihai Binder Clips 41mm


Yihai Binder Clips 51mm



Black  Board

Black Board 14 x 20


Black Board 20 x 27


Black Board 22 x 33


Black Board 27 x 38




CEO Bookend 6621 7.5"


CEO Bookend 6622 9"


MQ Bookend MQ9061 - Pisa


MQ Bookend MQ9061 - New York


Zheng Gang Bookend DE5003 8"


Zheng Gang Bookend H9261 6"



Book Light

Dolphin Book Light - Lantern



Book Ring

DY Card Ring L-9 38mm


DY Card Ring M-9 32mm


DY Card Ring S-12 25mm


Book Ring 25mm


Book Ring 32mm


Book Ring 38mm



Book Strap

Dolphin Book Strap




Hua Jie Suggestion Box AS1001


Hua Jie Suggestion Box AS1003


Hua Jie First Aid Box AS1004


Hua Jie First Aid Box AS1005


Hua Jie Letter Box AS1006



Brochure Stand

Bindermax Brochure Stand 01169 -10


Bindermax Brochure Stand 01169 A4


Konve Brochure Stand K-150


Konve Brochure Stand K-153


Konve Brochure Stand K-156


Konve Brochure Stand K-180


Konve Brochure Stand MF K-302


Konve Brochure Stand MF K-303



Cable Tie

Cable Tie 100mm (1000)


Cable Tie 150mm (100)


Cable Tie 200mm (100)


Cable Tie 250mm (100)


DY Cable Tie


Twist Tie 30m




Casio Calculator MJ-120D


Casio Calculator DJ-120D



Calligraphy Tools

Manuscript Calligraphy Set


Rotring Art Calligraphy Pen


Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen



Calling Bell                

Genmes Call Bell


QJ Call Bell QJ-125



Carbon Paper

Kores Carbon Paper - Red


Kores Carbon Paper Sapphire



Card Stand

Hua Jie Card Stand H9924


Hua Jie Card Stand H9951



Cash Box & Safe Box

Bright Office Cash Box 8401


Dingli Cash Box 9001


Dingli Cash Box 9002


Dingli Cash Box 9002 WT


Dingli Cash Box 9003


Dingli Cash Box 9004



Clipper & Clips

Dolphin Magic Clipper Clips


Yihai Magic Clipper



Clip Pad

Ajanta Clip Pad 944


Ajanta Clip Pad 936


Ajanta Clip Pad 934 - Transperent


Ajanta Clip Pad with White Board


Chanyi Clip Pad CY0285


Hua Jie Clip Pad 1024 A4


Hua Jie Clip Pad 1025 A5


Hua Jie Clip Pad 1204 A4


Hua Jie Clip Pad 1205 A5


Kent Clip Pad 411



Color Pencils

Faber Castell 12 Tri-Colour Pencil MRP 90


Staedtler Luna Pencils 12 Color


Staedtler Luna Pencils 24 Color 137 C 24


Staedtler Luna Pencils 48 Color 137 C 48



Corner Rounder

SDI Corner Cutter



Correction Utilities

M & G Correction Pen MF-6002


M & G Correction Tape


Retype Correction Pen


Thumb Correction Eraser




Hand Tally Counter


Hand Tally Counter with Compass



Cutter Blades

Dorco Cutter Blade Big


Dorco Cutter Blade Small


Dorco Cutter Blade SP A30


NT Cutter Blades Big BL150P (6)


Olfa Cutter Blade Small




Dafa Art Knife WCM 2009B


Dafa Compass Cutter C101


Desk Deco Cutter Big


Desk Deco Cutter Small


Dorco Cutter A1 DC76


Dorco Cutter SP A30


Dorco Cutter Z1 DC102


Dorco Cutter Z2 DC103


Meyco Wood Carving Set of 12


MonoMax Cutter MX-3149


Morn Sun Circle Cutter # 16101


Morn Sun Rotary Cutter 1+4


Morn Sun Swivel Knife 11722


Nine Sea Art Knife WCM 301


Nine Sea Roller Cutter C-103


Nine Sea Roller Cutter C-108


NT Cutter A-300GRP


NT Cutter C-1500P


NT Cutter Extension Bar CE-700P


NT Cutter iK-200 RP


NT Cutter L-550


Olfa Cutter AK-1


Olfa Cutter CMP-1


Olfa Cutter PB-450


Olfa Cutter RTY-1G


Olfa Cutter RTY-2G


Olfa Cutter RTY-3G


Rigang Cutter RG-335


SDI Cutter Big 0425


SDI Pencil Knife


Shif Pencil Knife


WB Touch Knife Cutters – Small



Cutting Mat

LTJP Cutting Mat A2


Morn Sun Cutting Mat A1


Morn Sun Cutting Mat A2


Morn Sun Cutting Mat A3


Morn Sun Cutting Mat A4




Ajanta Da'mpen


Desk Deco Damper Crystal


Dingli Damper


Graphix Damper



Direction Compass   

Dolphin Direction Compass 001 (30)


Dolphin Direction Compass 002 (34)


Dolphin Direction Compass 002S


Dolphin Direction Compass 002T


Dolphin Direction Compass 003 (13)


Dolphin Direction Compass 004


Dolphin Direction Compass 007


Dolphin Direction Compass 010


Dolphin Direction Compass 0018


Dolphin Direction Compass 135


Dolphin Direction Compass 235


Dolphin Direction Compass 200 (25)


Dolphin Direction Compass 222 (GJ)


Dolphin Direction Compass 321


Dolphin Direction Compass 333 (28)


Dolphin Direction Compass 401


Dolphin Direction Compass 444 (27)


Dolphin Direction Compass 555


Dolphin Direction Compass 645


Dolphin Direction Compass 777 (23)


Dolphin Direction Compass 786


Dolphin Direction Compass 83


Dolphin Direction Compass 84


Dolphin Direction Compass 888 (24)


Dolphin Direction Compass 999


Dolphin Map Measure



Double Sided Tapes

3M Attachment Tape 12mm x 4m


3M Attachment Tape 24mm x 4m


Deer Grip Double Side Tape 12mm x 5


Dolphin Double Side Tape 24mm x 1


Dolphin Double Side Tape 12mm x 1


Nippon Double Side Tape 24mm


Red Double Side Tape 12mm x 25m


Premier DS Tape 24mm x 6Y


Premier DS Tape 18mm x 6Y


Premier DS Tape 48mm x 6Y


Wonder Double Side Tape - Tissue



Drawing Pen

Rotring Drawing Pen 0.1,0.2


Rotring Drawing Pen 0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6


Rotring Drawing Pen Set of 4


Rotring Drawing  Master Set 3+1


Rotring Drawing  College Set  3+1



Drop Box

Huilong Name Card Drop Box H-938 X-818




Dingli Duster - T29


Gripen Duster



Embossing Machine

Dymo Embossing Machine M1880


Motex Embossing Machine E202


Motex Embossing Machine E5500


Shiny Embossing Seal EM



Embossing Tapes

Motex Embossing Tapes 3M


Tenza Embossing Tapes



Envelope Opener

Dolphin Envelope Opener




Kohinoor Eraser 6631/50


Maped Eraser GOM 012511


Maped Eraser X-Pert Stick


Maped Eraser Spin 127410


Maped Eraser Technic 100


Maped Eraser Technic Duo


Maped Eraser Zenoa 511320


Party Eraser Assorted Design


Rotring Eraser Tikky 30


Rotring Eraser Tikky 40


Staedtler Eraser Sleeve



Flexible Curve

Morn Sun Flexible Curve 30 cm


Morn Sun Flexible Curve 60 cm



Fountain Pen

Pelikan Fountain Pen


Schneider Fountain Pen - Easy


Schneider Fountain Pen - Voice



Gem Clips

Bell Gem Clips 26mm                


Bell Gem Clips 35mm             


Bell Gem Clips 50mm             


Prime Gem Clip 79


Red Eagle Zebra Gem Clips 33mm



Geometry Box

Helix Oxford Geometry Box


Staedtler Geometry Box 557 10



Gift Sets

Kangaro Gift Set SS-T10MD



Glue Gun & Sticks

Dolphin Glue Sticks for Glue Gun


Wonder Glue Gun G-250



Gun Tacker

Kangaro Gun Tacker TP-10


Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-13H


Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-2313A/Z


Max Gun Tacker TG-A


Max Gun Tacker TG-D



ID Card Solution  

Dolphin Card Cover Silky - 036 - H - 8.5 x 5.5


Dolphin Card Cover Silky - 037 - V - 5.5 x 8.5


Dolphin Card Cover Silky - 038 -H - 10.5 x 6.7


Dolphin YoYo ID Card Holder "Chrome"


Dolphin YoYo ID Card Holder Swing


Dolphin YoYo ID Card String Holder "eVu"


Dolphin YoYo Oval ID Card Holder


Jingtai ID Card Holder JT-114


Kejea ID Card Holder T-011H


Kejea ID Card Holder T-014H


Kejea ID Card Holder T-014V


Kejea ID Card Holder T-017H


Kejea ID Card Holder T-017V


Reap ID Card Holder No.7020


Haokiang ID Card Holder A001-H


Haokiang ID Card Holder A002-V


Haokiang ID Card Holder B001-V


Haokiang ID Card Holder B002-H


Teng Long ID Card Holder T-014V


Teng Long ID Card Holder T-014H



Ink Converter

Parker Ink Converter




Faber-Castell Stamp Pad Ink 60ml


GPI Marker Ink


Numex Fast Drying Ink


Numex Numbering Ink Black


Numex Numbering Ink Red


Parker Ink - Quink


Rotring Drawing Ink 23ml Black


Schneider Ink Cartridge



Key Box

Glosen Key Box B1024


Glosen Key Box B1032


Glosen Key Box B1048


Glosen Key Box B1072


Goldlonsen Key Box GA1072


H Vilog Key Box H-1024



Key Tag

Dingli Key Tag 064 (48)


Dingli Key Tag 068 (36)


Dingli Key Tag 078 (20)


Dy Key Tag  (5)


Dy Key Tag (6)



Labeling Labels

Motex Labels 2316 Y


Motex Labels 2316 YMRP


Motex Labels 2612 Y


Motex Labels 2612 YMRP


Motex Labels 2628


Motex Labels 5500 W


Motex Labels 5500 Y


Motex Labels 5500 YMRP


Motex Labels 6600 W


Motex Labels 6600 Y


Motex Labels 6600 YMRP



Labeling Machine

Monomax Labeling Machine 5500


Motex Labeling Machine 2316


Motex Labeling Machine 2612


Motex Labeling Machine 2628


Motex Labeling Machine 5500


Motex Labeling Machine 5500 "ALPHA"


Motex Labeling Machine 6600


Motex Labeling Machine 808



Labeling Ink Roll /Spares

Motex Ink Roll 18mm


Motex Ink Roll 20mm


Motex Ink Roll 25mm


Motex Ink Roll Holder for 5500


Motex Ink Roll Holder for 6600



Label Printer

Casio Label Printer KL820


Casio Label Printer KL7400



Laser Pointers

Dolphin Executive Red Laser Pointer


Dolphin Green Laser Pointer


Dolphin Laser Levelpro3


Dolphin Laser Pointer Telescopic


Dolphin Professional AAA Pointer Pen



Luggage Tag

Dolphin Luggage Tag SW-105


Dolphin Luggage Tag 9988 TSC


Dolphin Luggage Tag Rope (100)


Dy Luggage Tag



Magazine Rack

Dolphin Magazine Rack - 158


Dolphin Magazine Rack 9102


Kent Magazine Rack - Oval




Dolphin Magnet SS Mini 8mm x 1.5mm


Dolphin Magnet Strip


Genmes Magnet 20mm


Shuter Magnet 30mm


Xiandai Magnet Set 200


Xiandai Magnet Set 9600


Xiandai Magnet Set 9601


Yongyi Magnet 20mm No.2010


Yongyi Magnet 40mm No.4005


Yongyi Magnet 40mm No.4015


ZRH Magnet


Dy Magnet 30mm



Magnifying Glass

A1 Counting Glass Bobby Nickel


A1 Counting Glass Super Nickle Combined


Aoyu Magnifier 65mm 9986-A


Desktop Organizer with Magnifier M1351   


Dolphin Hand Free Magnifier


Dolphin Magnifier LED 6902AB


Dolphin Magnifier LED 6903AB


Dolphin MagSheet Big Black Frame


Dolphin MagSheet PC


Dolphin MagSheet VC


Green Life Tweezers Magnifier 13203


Light Head Magnifying Glass MG81001-1


Light Vision – Large - 121


Light Vision – Large -151


Light Vision – Medium - 122


Light Vision – Small -123


Lumagny - Multi Angle “Hand-Free” 7561


Lumagny Scale Illuminated Magnifier Scale 7580


MG Illuminated Scale Magnifier MG-13100


MG Magnifier 20x LED


MG Magnifier 50mm


MG Magnifier 65mm


MG Magnifier 75mm


MG Magnifier 90mm


MG Magnifier 10 LED MG3B-1C


Rx Optics Magnifier 3x


Sports Vision – Large - 101


Tejco Magnifier 40 mm


Tejco Magnifier 50 mm


Tejco Magnifier 63 mm


Tejco Magnifier 75 mm


Tejco Magnifier 90 mm


Tejco Magnifier 100 mm


Waltex Magnifier 5-12x  7562


Waltex Magnifier 5x 7549


Waltex Magnifier 8x 7550


Waltex Magnifier Loupe 8x 7504




Artline Marker Pen - Permanent


Artline White Board Marker


Chaco Erasable Pen - Water


Changli HL Pen HP-6624


Faber-Castell OHP Pen


Faber-Castell Text Liners Pen


Reynolds Marker Pen


Schneider Highlighter Job


Staedtler Topstar Pen


UNI Paint Marker Thin



Masking Tapes

Abro Masking Tapes 20m



Message Clip

Dolphin Message Holder " Fitting"


Dolphin Message Holder BTC-070




Dolphin Microscope LED MG10081-4 - 45x


Lumagny Microscope 30x 7513


Lumagny Microscope 50x 7529


Lumagny Microscope 50x LED 2002W


MG Microscope 100x LED MG10081-2


USB Digital Microscope



Money Detector

6" UV Tube


8" UV Tube


Counterfeit Money Detector AD-2138


Universal 106 Money Detector 6"



Mouse Pad

Dolphin Mouse Pad Comfort



Name Card Case

Genmes Name Card Case 4401


Genmes Name Card Case 4601


Genmes Name Card Case 4801



Name Card Holder

Solo Name Card Case BC001


Dingguagua Name Card Holder 021


Dolphin Name Card Holder - Metal


Dolphin Name Card Holder 3D


Dolphin Name Card Holder 9999


Dolphin Name Card Holder H & V - H 8888


Dolphin Name Card Holder H & V - V 7777


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 1101


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 1102


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 1103


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 5101


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 5103


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 905


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 9101/9201


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 9203


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 9711


Dolphin Name Card Holder XL 9712


Hua Jie Card Holder 5009



Name Plates

Dolphin Name Plate 6" China


Dolphin Name Plate 6"


Dolphin Name Plate 8"


Dolphin Name Plate 10"


Dolphin Name Plate 12"


Kejea Name Plate Folding K-003 - 5.3 x 8


Kejea Name Plate Folding K-006 - 4.8 x 6.5


Kejea Name Plate K-380



Nibs & Nib Holder

William-Mitchell Script Nib



Numbering Machine

Bambalio Numbering Machine 6


Deli Numbering Machine 6D


Deli Numbering Machine 10D


Deli Numbering Machine 12D


Great Hanzas Numbering Block 6D


Lion Numbering Machine


Max Numbering Machine N-1007


Max Numbering Machine N-607


Max Numbering Machine N-807


Numex Batch 32500


Numex Micro Mini Printer M-554


Numex Printer for 20ltr Water Can


O Beta Numbering Machine OB-607



Numbering Spares

Dolphin Numbering Machine Ink Pad


Greatwall Numbering Machine  Clip 10D


Greatwall Numbering Machine  Clip 6D


Numex MMP Ink Pad



Office Sets

Dolphin Metal Mesh Office Set of 3


Dolphin Metal Mesh Office Set of 6


Dolphin Metal Mesh Office Set of 7



Paper Clips

Camel Clip 1 1/2"


Dingli Clip 50mm DL-0025


Dingli Clip 75mm DL-0024


Dingli Clip 8221 (3)


Dingli Clip 8222 (4)


Dingli Clip 8223 (6)


Dingli Clip 8224 (8)


Dingli Round Clip 69604 (24)


Daiso Clip - Magnetic C008


Dolphin Clip - Magnetic 4321


Pony Clip - Magnetic 6647


Premier Clip No.1


Premier Clip No.2


Premier Clip No.3


Premier Clip No.4



Paper Fastener

Dolphin File Adaptor



Paper Shredder

Bambalio Paper Shredder


Dolphin Paper Shredder Strip Cut


Dolphin Paper Shredder Cross Cut


Lada Paper Shredder CC 08 CD


Personal Hand Shredder HC-8004



Paper Tray

Dolphin Mesh Tray 2 Tier JS2001


Dolphin Mesh Tray 3 Tier JS3001


Hua Jie File Tray H-538


Kent Tray - Cosy - 2


Kent Tray - Cosy - 3


Kent Tray - Oval



Paper Trimmer

DSB Paper Cutter TM-20


DSB Paper Cutter DC-20


Dingli Paper Cutter 829-4 A4


Harison Paper Cutter 9"


Harison Paper Cutter 12"


Harison Paper Cutter 16"


Jef Paper Cutter A600S


Jef Paper Cutter A900


Jef Paper Cutter A600M


Morn Sun Professional Paper Trimmer # 19126


Morn Sun Professional Paper Trimmer # 19151


Morn Sun Professional Paper Trimmer # 19164



Paper Weight 

Anak Paper Weight


Dolphin Paper Weight - Compass 002PW


Dolphin Paper Weight 5050


Dolphin Paper Weight Classic Globe


Dolphin Paper Weight Dice


Dolphin Paper Weight Flora Big


Dolphin Paper Weight Glass 250


Dolphin Paper Weight Globe


Dolphin Paper Weight Golden Egg


Dolphin Paper Weight KG-56


Dolphin Paper Weight Mushroom


Dolphin Paper Weight P27


Dolphin Paper Weight P30


Dolphin Paper Weight P35


Dolphin Paper Weight P36


Dolphin Paper Weight Pyramid


Dolphin Paper Weight Timer 078




Apsara Platinum Pencil


Baile Pencil 0.5 BL-538


Baile Pencil 500 Khat 1.8mm


Grafo Pencil 2mm


Grafo Clutch Pencil 2mm MG


Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.5


Rotring Pencil Tikky 0.7


Rotring Pencil Tikky 1.0


Rotring Pencil 0.7 - Freeway


Staedtler Mars Micro Pencil 775 05 ABK25


Staedtler Mars Micro Pencil 775 07


Staedtler Pencil - Norica 132 46 HB


Staedtler Pencil - Yellow 152 HB


Staedtler Pencil Mars Lumo - EE



Pencil Lead

Grafo Pencil Lead 2mm


Rotring Lrad 1.0


Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Leads



Pen Stand

Beili Pen Stand 8012


Beili Pen Stand 8060


Delphi Stationery Set


Dingguagua  Pen Stand 8030


Dingguagua Pen Stand 8034


Dolphin Desk Organizer 900S


Dolphin Mesh Pen Stand


Dolphin Pen Stand 8008


Dolphin Pen Stand 8022


Dolphin Pen Stand 8031


Dolphin Pen Stand JC802


Hua Jie Pen Stand 059


Hua Jie Pen Stand 079


Hua Jie Pen Stand 2500


Kejea Desk Orgaizer K-079


Kejea Pen Holder K-080


Kejea Pen Stand K-088


Kejea Pen Stand K-089


Kejea Pen Stand K-090


Kejea Pen Stand K-097


Kejea Pen Stand K-098


Kejea Pen Stand K-099


Kejea Pen Stand K-957


Kejea Pen Stand K-958


Kejea Pen Stand K-959


Kejea Pen Stand K-960


Kejea Rotating Pen Holder K-085


Kejea Rotating Pen Holder K-086


Lizza Pen Stand 8040


Pinjia Pen Stand BS-138


Pinjia Pen Stand BS-148


Pinjia Pen Stand BS-622


Xingli Pen Stand 1001


Xingli Pen Stand 5004


Xingli Pen Stand 5005


Xingli Pen Stand 5026


Xingli Pen Stand 5029


Xingli Pen Stand 5035


Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-110


Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-314


Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-314A


Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-314B


Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-315


Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-323


Yue Sheng Pen Stand YS-325


Zao Sheng Desk Organizer 8681




No:1 SC-227 Planner



Printing Kit

Shiny Printing Kit S-200


Shiny Printing Kit S-600


Shiny Printing Kit S-884


Shiny Textile Labeling Kit TL-882


Shiny Printing Kit R-5842



Program Stand        

Bindermax Program Stand CC-104


Kejea Card Stand K-160 - 5.4 x 8.5 IC


Kejea Card Stand K-161 - 8.5 x 5.4 IC


Kejea Card Stand K-162 - 8.9 x 12.7 3R


Kejea Card Stand K-163 - 12.7 x 8.9 3R


Kejea Card Stand K-164 - 10.2 x 15.2 4R


Kejea Card Stand K-166 - 12.7 x 17.8 5R


Kejea Card Stand K-168 - 15.2 x 20.3 6R


Kejea Card Stand K-170


Kejea Card Stand K-471


Kejea Card Stand K-277 - 21 x 29.7 - A4


Kejea Card Stand K-390 - 21 x 29.7 - A4


Kejea Deluxe Card Stand K-050


Zhizheng Program Stand Z-048 12 x 18


Zhizheng Program Stand Z-050 A4



Pin & Clip Box

Desk Deco Pin-Clip Dispenser PO825


Desk Deco Pin-Clip Dispenser TWIN 823




Bell Paper Pins


Bell Paper Pins Mini


Crown Fox Pearl Head Pins 1 1/2"


Crown Fox Pearl Head Pins 1"


Dolphin Pin "Pearl Chakri"


Dolphin Pins "T"


Dolphin Pins "T" KILO


Prym Shirt Pins


Real One Pearl Pins



Poker-Token Stand    

Hua Jie Memo Holder 5008



Punching Machine     

Dingli Slot Punch 101


Genmes Punch 97C1


Genmes Punch J040


Kangaro One Hole Punch


Kangaro Punch 1320


Kangaro Punch 2030


Kangaro Punch 2040


Kangaro Punch 2160


Kangaro Punch 2320


Kangaro Punch 4160


Kangaro Punch 480


Kangaro Punch 700


Kangaro Punch 800


Kangaro Punch EP-20


Kangaro Punch FP-20


Kangaro Punch Perfo 10


Kangaro Punch Perfo 20


Kangaro Punch Perfo 30


Kangaro Punch Perfo 40


Kangaro Slot Punch SLP 154


Ruby Kroday Punch Medium



Push Pins

Dolphin Push Pin (100)


Dolphin Push Pin (50)


Real One Drawing Pin (100)


Real One Push Pin (50)


Real One Moti Pins


Scholar Drawing Pin




Parker Roller Ball Refill


Silver Refill - Plastic



Roller Pens

Parker Vector Roller Ball Standard


Parker Frontier Roller Ball SWGC


Schneider Roller Pen - Xtra 823


Schneider Roller Pen - Xtra 8083/805


Schneider Roller Pen - Top Ball 811/813


Schneider Roller Pen - Xtra Document


Schneider Roller Pen - Easy


Schneider Roller Pen - Voice


Uni Roller Pen UB-157



Rubber Bands

Dolphin Nylon Band 100 Grams


Dolphin Nylon Band 25 Grams


Dolphin Nylon Band 500 Grams


Dolphin Nylon Band 5025


Dolphin Nylon Band 7550




Ajanta Scale - 30cm - Sakshi


Graphix Scale - Triangular


Sharp Scale 12"


Sharp Scale 18"


Sharp Scale 24"


Sharp Scale 36"


Sharp Scale 6"


Sharp Scale 6" with Clip




De Xian Scissors K-04


De Xian Scissors K-37


Dingli Scissors DL-9018


Facet Scissiors F-210


Gold Scissors


Jef Scissors 625-2


Nikken Pinking Scissior


Penha Sccissors with Cutter P140


Ping Scissors S-401


Rangoli Scissors


Rico Scissors BH 8"


Rico Scissors BH 9"


Shif Scissors 1026S


Shif Scissors 1027M


Shif Scissors 1028 L


Shif Scissors 1048 SS


White Swan Scissors



Self Stick Notes

Dolphin Self Stick Note Gift Set


Stic On BookMark Film Index


SticN NeonNotes 3x3 21332


SticN NeonNotes 3x4 21333


SticN NeonNotes 3x5 21334


SticN Neon Prompts 3 Strip 21129


SticN Neon Prompts 4 Strip 21130


SticN Stick Notes 2x3 21006


SticN Stick Notes 3x3 21007


SticN Stick Notes 3x4 21008


SticN Stick Notes 3x5 21009




Angel 5 Pencil Sharpener


M & G Pencil Sharpener 90609


Maped Sharpener Color Pep 2 Hole


Maped Sharpener Boogy


Maped Sharpener Metal


Maped Sharpener Shaker 634753


Staedtler Sharpener Metal 510 10



Stamp Pad

Shiny Stamp Pad SP-2


Shiny Stamp Pad SP-3



Stamps 50%

Dolphin InstaStamp


Genmes Stamp 12001


Numex Handy Carton Coder 14mm


Parnami Rubber Stamps - Number


Parnami Rubber Stamps - Dater


Parnami Rubber Stamps - Office


Shiny Date Stamp D-4


Shiny Dater 4 in 1 S-303


Shiny Dater with Paid S-401


Shiny Die Plate Dater S-68 Paid


Shiny Number Stamp S-309


Trodat Stamp # 46040


Trodat Stamp # 4810 "Dater"


Trodat Stamp # 4911


Trodat Stamp # 4912


Trodat Stamp # 4913


Trodat Stamp with Matter



Staple Remover

Genmes Staple Remover E040


Genmes Staple Remover E091 Pliers


Kangaro Staple Remover SR500




Genmes Stapler HD 501L


Kangaro Stapler 10


Kangaro Stapler M-10


Kangaro Stapler MINI 10


Kangaro Stapler 10D


Kangaro Stapler DS45-NR


Kangaro Stapler 10S


Kangaro Stapler C10FC


Kangaro Stapler LE-10/Y


Kangaro Stapler HP10


Kangaro Stapler HP45


Kangaro Stapler DS45L


Kangaro Stapler 23/S/13 QL


Kangaro Stapler 23S/17


Kangaro Stapler 23S/24


Kangaro Stapler 23S/24 FL


Kangaro Stapler 23L/17


Max Stapler HD-10


Max Stapler HD-10FS


Max Stapler HD-12L/17


Max Stapler HD-12N/17


Max Stapler HD-50




Etona/ELM Staples 23/17


Kangaro Nails F-10


Kangaro Staples No:10


Kangaro Staples 23/6


Kangaro Staples 23/8


Kangaro Staples 23/10


Kangaro Staples 23/13


Kangaro Staples 23/15


Kangaro Staples 23/17


Kangaro Staples 23/20


Kangaro Staples 23/24


Kangaro Staples 24/6                        


Lock Staples 23/10


Lock Staples 23/15


Lock Staples 23/17


Lock Staples 32 x 15 Clincher


Max Staples No:10 Japan


Max Staples No:10 Economy


Max Staples 24/6


Max Staples 23/17 Good




Novajet Labels (100)


Mark Hole Guard Stickers



Tag Guns

Arrow Tag Gun 9S



Tag Guns Needle

Arrow Tag Gun Needle P121



Tag Pins

Cox Loop Tags 3"


Cox Loop Tags 5"


Cox Loop Tags 7"


Wonder Tag Pins 15mm


Wonder Tag Pins 19mm


Wonder Tag Pins 35mm


Wonder Tag Pins 65mm




Dolphin Green File Tag 24" Thick


Dolphin Paper Tag 8"


Dolphin Tag - Natural


Dolphin Tag 76x58


Dolphin Tag 76x50





Tape Dispenser

Deskdeco Tape Dispenser Small


Deskdeco Tape Dispenser Big


Dolphin Tape Dispenser 032


Eagle Tape Dispenser T5159AB


Genmes Tape Dispenser 3305


Genmes Tape Dispenser 3310


Hua Jie Tape Dispenser DE5011


Hua Jie Tape Dispenser H-NO. 8 & 9


Kangaro Tape Dispenser TD18Y


KW-Trio Tape Dispenser 3313


Motex Tape Cutter 03-ACE


Premier Tape Dispenser ONLY


Premier Tape Dispenser with Tape


Real One Tape Dispenser 2"


Real One Tape Dispenser 3"


Scotch Tape Dispenser C-3


Scotch Tape Dispenser C-60


Zuxing Tape Cutter 2" 128



Tape Dispenser Spares

Dolphin Tape Dispenser Blade




Dolphin Jadoo™ Tape Invisible  ¾” X 36y


Office Plus Tape - Crystal Clear 18mm x 25 y


Panfix Tape 10 Yards


Panfix Tape 72 Yards


Premier Tape 10 Metre


Premier Tape 36 Metre


Scotch Tape 50M


Sellotape Diamond Tape


Wonder Tape Brown 60


Wonder Tape Clear 60 1/2" 3/4" 1"


Wonder Tape Clear 60 2" & 3"




Fema Template TT6 1:50


Fema Template TT7 1:100


Rotring Template -  Architect 853778 1:50



White Board    

Dolphin Magnetic WriteWipe Pad 105


Dolphin Magnetic WriteWipe Pad 150


Dolphin Magnetic WriteWipe Pad 210


Krishna Trendy Writing Slate